Why Are So Many Teens Getting Pregnant

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missy - August 20

I just don't understand why so many young teens on this website are getting pregnant and having s_x!! Their is a 11 yr old who claims she's pregnant and even an eight year old who thinks they are pregnant... there is even 12-16yr olds pregnant on this website, it just really shocks me that so many very young children are getting pregnant.. what is wrong with are society? Or what's wrong with their parents who let them go out unsupervised??? I just don't understand at their age I didn't even know what s_x was!! would someone please reply even a teen...


milissa - August 19

I totaly agree with you! I cant believe some of the stuff I'm reading. It is very sad to know that alot of these girls can't go to there parents! I am 24 years old and I have just recently got married to my husband of 6 years. And I got pregnant at 17 had an abortion because of my parents. And now that I have a 2 year old I can't get over what I did! It hits me everyday that I look at him. So please girls that are young and scared dont take the easy way out! In the end its not worth it!!!!


brucen - August 19

In the end it was not worth it for you milissa. I am sorry it has been so difficult for you. However an 8 yo or even an 11 yo is not physically or mentally ready to become a parent. A v____al delivery for a girl of this age would be very difficult. Think of all of the health risks to a child this age carrying a baby to term--IF she were even able to.


brucen - August 19

It's my belief that in America so many teens are becoming pregnant because no one is telling them the truth. How things works, what the outcome of certain actions will be, or the options they have should certain things occur. General consensus is: If you don't tell them about it-- they won't do it. or Giving them too much info will only encourage them to do it. That's so much rubbish! I am stunned at how many posts begin or somehow contain the phrases: "I had unprotected s_x" or "he pulled out" only to end with "...could I be pregnant?". The answer to that question should be common knowledge.


kellie - August 19

i cant believe it either if i would have come home Preg at their ages i would have been killed. I also dont understand how there are so many Q that pretain to the same thing. if you read you will understand what i am talking about What is wrong with the s_x education system in the county or even the parents teaching them. I knew the answer to every question that they have when i was their age. Can i get Preg the first time? YEs and so many other endless q that they seem to have that keep repeating themselves on this site. I cannot believe that there are that many KIDS in this world that are unsupervised in this world and parents just dont care what they do or is it that the parents are no longer instilling MORALS IN THEIR FAMILIES? i would like to know the same answer as you would Missy Why ?


LadyA - August 19

I am also shocked that eight and eleven- year old girls are getting pregnant, yet alone having s_x. How can their bodies endure intercourse or a growing fetus? The reason for them could be rape. As far as teens, 13-16, they may be miseducated about s_x in school, but there are also some sixteen year olds who are beginning to date and are in love. They may use protection, but use it improperly, plus stuff happens. This is still unacceptable, but a little more understandable.


Katie - August 19

In all honesty missy, I think about 50% of the "teen pregnancy" posts on her are actually wind ups or jokes..... As was seen with the girl who claimed to be 13 and was pregnant with her 2nd child (She was lying)..... Aside from that I do think it depends on your parents and the education you recieve..... I went to an all girls school, I had to come home straight from school and my mum was there..... I'm not saying ALL teenage pregnancies are due to c___p parents, just some..... You have single mothers who have to work so allow their kids to amuse themselves till 6/7pm..... You have parents who are addicts and don't really care what their kids get upto..... Education is c___p! I'm in the UK and I had s_x education at 10 and it scred me off s_x for a long time..... And 11/12/13/14 year olds believe boys when they say "you can't get pregnant on the first time... or in the bath... or if I pull out... or if "..... Also a % of girls want to get pregnant, perhaps they have c___ppy childhoods, their orphans, they were abused and they just want something to love.


Sabrina - August 20

well for one thing if your gonna blaim teen's getting pregnant on there parents you shouldn't have a kid b/c its not there fault its your choice to have s_x with no condom.


Balls - August 20

Sabrina, if you had parents that disallowed you to go out other than to go to school, you wouldn't even have the chance to have s_x let alone get pregnant. It depends ALOT on the parents actually. If your parents lectured you about s_x at an early age you would have respected them and done as you were told, or at least used protection when it came to it. But if parents allow kids to do as they please, then it's no wonder they end up getting pregnant. After all that's all 14/15/16 year old boys are interested in.


Me - August 20

Well it's the 21st centuary isn't it! TV, Movies, Internet, Celebrities, Condoms, Disfunctional families..... Gone are the days of the parents and the 2.4 children who don't even hear the word "s_x" until their about 16 years old. Whereas mothers used to be house wifes they now have careers, so gone are the days when mom is watching you at all times.


Sabrina - August 20

I went to school everyday of my life. That doesn't mean my parents aren't gonna let me out on weekend's and after school, Most parents who keep there kid's in and let them do nothing are the one's that rebel trust me i have got 4 brothers and 2 sister and 2 nephews and 2 neice's and probably the most amazing mother in the world. she could raise all those kids still be manager of her store go through a brain anerisum and still come out from that situation ok. I'm 18 and i'm 16 weeks and my mother couldn't be happier and i live with her. I mean it's not up to her weather i have s_x or not thats up to me and my b/f and wow guess what he couldn't be happier....so all im trying to say is you can't blaim anybody but yourself and your b/f for making the dession's YOU made. Not your parents.



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