Why Can We Only Have Boys

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steve - August 23

my wife can only give birth to boys,why is this? in 1985 she had a hydatidaform mole could this be a reason? she has also been told that there is not enough female dna in her eggs to produce a girl, how true is this? we would be interested to find out the causes of this condit_ton.


k - August 23

how can they say that it is because of her Eggs Everything that you find on the internet about only boys being born it is always been because of the genetic make up of the dna in the fathers sperm some men can only produce boys.....It is in the mans sperm the decision for a boy or girl not the womens egg...Some men can only produce one or the other. my hubbys uncle could only produce girls and they had three of them. my sisters hubby could only produce boys and they have 5 of them. the only suggestion i could give you is to try being selective i know that there is a prodcedure that they can do to determin if the sperm is male or female before fertilization and implantation. it is only a suggestion but i have never heard of any of it being because of the dna of her eggs. might want to get a second opinion. I wish you both the best of luck


Katie - August 23

If anyone can answer your question Steve, it's your doctor. I doubt anyone here would have the knowledge to answer you. Personally I have never heard of this before! If all your wifes eggs are incapable of producing females (maybe they don't have any chromisomes which paired with yours make a female) then I very much doubt they would be able to work around your problem - unless you got a donor egg. And k is wrong by the way, sperm does not determined whether a baby is a boy or a girl. It's the sperm AND egg dna. Are you and your wife looking to having a girl some way? Even if you did use a donor egg - you might get another boy!


brucen - August 23

Steve there are tons of sites that give information about hydatidiform moles. These are more commonly known as molar pregnancies. So a search of those may also be helpful. As for the second part, Katie is correct. You should consult your health care provider about her eggs lacking female DNA.


brucen - August 23

KATIE: IT IS SPERM WHICH DETERMINES THE s_x OF A CHILD. THIS IS SIMPLE BIOLOGY. ONLY SPERM CARRIES THE "Y" CHROMOSOME. The woman supplies the "X " and the man contributes either an "X" producing a girl or a "Y" producing a boy.


sarai - August 23

Oh my god! The egg ONLY contains female DNA, which is X, like everyone else said, it is you my friend who must provide the sperm containing another X in order to have a girl! LOL



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