Why D She Leave Me

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zacc - April 15

my girlfreind who was supposedly devorced .we got together and in late october she got pregnant 4 months later she started acting real weird .one day she said she had told her possesive ex that she was pregnant , then a few days later we broke up do to my suspiciouns and arguing. she immediatly went back to her ex husband.who fights with her worse than i did. that was why she left me she said she cant go through with all the arguing ,but went right back into a very unstable relationship.my question is do youthink the baby is realy his and why does she say she wants nothing to do with me and shes even said;"i know whos baby it is but im not telling my dates have changed"(at 4 1/2 months?)


to zacc - April 15

id say the baby is his...but then i dont know anything about the situation,demand a DNA test when she has the baby,


J - April 15

Hey, Zacc - I'm in a very similar situation. My husband and I separated mid-August; I started seeing someone else at the end of September. Hubby and I started to reconcile mid-October, and I finally ended it with my "boyfriend" at the end of November, and officially got back with my husband in December - then I found out I was pregnant. I'm now 6 months pregnant - meaning I conceived around Halloween. As far as I'm concerned, this is my husband's child - NOT the other guy's - but, the other guy is trying to demand a paternity test. I'm in the process of investigating what rights I have, to prevent that paternity test from happening.


!! - April 15

Jerry" Jerry" Jerry" Jerry"!!!!!!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - April 15

Lol "!! "


to j - April 15

my x is also 6 months preg but she told me when she found out she was preg that it was mine .i know she wasnt quite realy over her husband but shed still say she wanted to be with me .i went to ultrasounds with her and everything .then when times got rough and i suspectad her to be cheating she got realy withdrawn and stopped being affectionete.when i asked her if there could be a chance the baby wasnt mine shed get very angry. now that we are broken up she wont tell me or anyone i know whos baby it could be .its like were worst enemeis now.could she be hiding something or just be hurt from my accusations?


J - April 18

I have no idea - that's something you're going to have to talk to her about.



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