Why Do I Feel Look Big So Early

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Laila - September 19

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and I found out last week. Before I found out I noticed my appet_te increasind esp. towards meat. Well I'm 5'2 and I weighed 130 lbs. about 3 weeks ago and now I'm 139 lbs. I've gained 9 pounds, but I look big in the stomach area. When I wake up mt stomach is fine, not that big but once I eat or drink something, no matter how much..little or a lot.. my stomach just expands...Am I just bloated or just am getting fat?


kl - September 19

i was the same way and my doc said it was normal


M - September 19

your getting fat and your going to get fatter, and fatter!!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy.


Jasmine - September 19

I was the same way, and at 8 weeks they found out I was having twins


kris A. - September 19

Bloating and swollen is most likely part of your problem, and overeating is the second part. Be careful to eat healthy foods, esp. in the first trimester when baby is teeny--tiny - you dont need extra food, just the right food. Make sure to take your prenatal vitamins and fortified cereals help too. Try to minimize weight gain at the beginning, because towards the end packing the baby around is bad enough. I am 31 weeks- have been very diligent about following a healthy diet, and have gained 14 lbs. I still feel sluggish and sore, suffer heartburn and leg cramps and have a hard time breathing. When I had my twins I gained 60 lbs, had to work hard at losing the extra, and was much worse in the final months than I am now. Good luck to you and congrats on your pregnancy...


K - September 19

Oh my goodness...I seriously thought I was getting fat too but it only seems to be really bad in the evening...morning I look normal. I feel like a bloated balloon. All my tests say no but I swear that I am pg! Just one more thing to add to the list of suspicious symptoms...


BB to Laila - September 19

I am exactly the same. I started out at 115 and every night I'm 122, then back to 118 in the morning. At night, my stomach can look 5 months pregnant if I let it all hang out. In the morning it's the same old flat stomach as before. I'm in week 11 and I don't think I've gained more than 3-5 pounds in reality. And that's probably because I was a dieter before and now I drink milk instead of diet cola, and don't deprive myself of much. Most of the heaviness you're feeling is definitely bloat and gas pain, because when you're pregnant it takes longer for food to be digested as your system is drawing out all of the nutrients it can and also storing the extra it thinks it needs. Before it took a few hours for your stomach to process foods, and now it takes all night. Good luck and stay positive!


Heidi - September 19

In my first trimester I would notice I was much bigger in the belly at night than when I got up in the morning. I wrote it off as being bloated from eating all day and so on. The next morning I'd be back to normal. I gained a lot during my 1st trimester also cus I ate all the time cus it helped my stomach.


geri - September 19

bloated..your body is retaining a lot of water..and every body is different...with me I gained 40 pounds almost over night...(i am 30 weks now) and for the last month or so i have hardly gained any(just a few pounds..may be 2 or 3) wierd


Gill - September 20

Bubby is squishing your tummy and insides so there isnt so much room... this means that even a normal amount of food can feel like you've eaten an entire xmas dinner... little portions often... thats the way to go!


fara - September 21

i think i'm pregnant n i have the same problem.i am blaoted n everyones notices.



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