Why Do I Have To Wait 6 Weeks For Sex

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RH - October 8

What is the reason for the "pelvic rest" stuff after you deliver? It's been 3 weeks since I had my baby, and I FINALLY have my libido back! Poor hubby hasn't had any since June. Before I was discharged, they told me that if I couldn't wait for s_x, then we had to wear a condom. Is the reason because of fear of pregnancy? Or maybe bacteria? Any answers will help, thanks!


N - October 8

Your cervix is still dialated so s_x could introduce bacteria into the uterus, causing serious infection. The other reason is pregnancy. Getting pregnant less than six weeks after delivery is very hard on your body. If you feel up to s_x, go for it! Just be safe and use a condom for a little while.


ally - October 8

They want u to wait until ur 6 week check up for you and baby to make sure everything is okay. Also 3 weeks is not a sufficienct healing time. You need time to heal, st_tches may not be healed etc, perienium may not be healed. I must say you are very lucky to have ur libido back and actually still not be bleeding if it was a natural birth. I had my baby 4 mths ago and although i've had s_x the thought of anything near there makes me cringe and scared still. If you are finding it tough to wait then go thru with it the day b4 or a week b4 ur drs appt as they sometimes like you to have done so, so as u can discuss any pain u may have experienced etc. I am amazed after 3 weeks u are hanging out for it so to speak. I was tired and to this day 4 mths later i still cringe when i think of the birth pain. You also are very fertile after having a baby so if u don't want another one right now use lots of precaution.


RH - October 8

Well, I guess I"m a special circ_mstance. I gave birth (naturally) to a preemie whom is still in the NICU. She was so small that I didn't tear or anything. I was feeling back to my normal self after week one. I am getting plenty of sleep, and honestly feel as good as new. I have stopped bleeding also. I must admit when I got pg I wasn't ready to give up my "life". This is the only time that we (husband and I) can be ourselves without worrying about our daughter. She is fine, by the way, I wouldn't be this happy if she wasn't striving in the NICU. Thanks for your answers, if we do decide to go for it, we will definately wear a condom!



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