Why Do I Have To Wait Till 20 Wks To Get First U S

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Kyla - March 4

when I went to my first dr. appointment, she told me i wont get an ultrasound until 20 weeks...I come on here all the time and hear about women getting their first ultrasound in their 8th week! I don't want to wait that long for my first u/s....how did you guys get your dr. to give you one so early? my next appointment is in a week...I'll be 12 weeks.is there any way I can ask my dr. to give me one when I go in?


leslie - March 4

I think that is very weird I went for my first appt when I was 7 weeks and they did an internal u/s..they said that everything was ok..I don't know much about this but I have heard that some doctors don't like doing many u/s because it is not good for the baby, but like I said, I have only heard that I am not totally sure...you want to ask your doctor in the next appt. Good luck!


Kelly - March 4

Hiya Kyla, i cant really help you on this one i guess all you can do is ask at your next visit, i had my first u/s at 8weeks then my second one at 20weeks, but just ask and see why it's taking so long x


rose - March 4

i dont think ultrasounds can hurt the baby, when i was pregnant for my son my msafp test came back with a false positive on the baby's chromosomes and that was at 18 weeks....my doctor sent me for an ultrasound every other week from then on til he was born


tiffani - March 4

Kyla~ Chances are, if your doctor hasn't performed an ultrasound yet, you're going to have to wait until 20 weeks. My doctor does one around 7 weeks (v____al ultrasound) to confirm the due date and to see a heart beat, among other things i'm sure. I have no idea why some doctors do 2 and others only 1. It never hurts to ask, all he can do is say no. :o)


Rachel* - March 4

I am going in for my 12 week appt next week too. And at my first appt (at 8 weeks) I asked my doctor when he would do an u/s. He said he knows that some places perform them early on, but that it is not neccessary. He said at 20 weeks you can see a lot more and unless there are complications, that is the only u/s he will perform. I wish (for curiosity sake) that I could see my baby sooner, but I understand what he is saying too.


Michelle - March 4

Hello Kyla. I find in Canada, they wait much later than the States. (my first was scheduled for 20 weeks as well, but I had a scan early due to pains). I am not sure the reason? (Different Health Care System and Costs?) Not a good reason, but its probably the answer.



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