Why Does It Hurt My Husband To Have Sex

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help - December 26

This really is a question about s_x, so you can back out now if need be. Ok, I've hit my 36th week. Before now s_x was great, but for the last two nights my DH has complained that he feels like his p__s is hitting something hard. He still likes doing it (that's men for you), but he is sore after. This is especially true when he is behind me (which makes sense as in that position things go deeper). Does anyone have a similar experience? What is he hitting? I'll ask my dc, but I don't go in for a few days.


MJM - December 26

He is more then likely hitting your cervix. As you get further along your cervix starts to lower.


djh - December 26

He is like the last poster said, hitting your cervix, but lets think deeper (pun intended...lol) your baby's head is in the pelvis and the skull bones have somewhat ossified (hardened) so he could very well be hitting that too... :~)


help - December 27

I was thinking cervix. Darn, things were just getting real good. And now djh,you're freaking me out. I'll tell you what the doc says.


djh - December 27

sorry...lol....don't be freaked out!!! I think it is absolutely great that you all are still, well, you know having good relations. I don't think there's anything wrong with that unless there are medical problems and i doubt seriously he can harm the baby but maybe he shouldn't be so rough on himself :>)


help - December 28

It was my cervix! Our appointment was hilarious. My DH kept looking at me saying, "...wasn't there another question you had???" Like he didn't remember.When I finally asked my doc said that it was the cervix and to try to move around for a different angle, but to keep up with the s_x saying, "s_x is good, but good s_x is even better!" Then she tacked on that if I ..."weren't pregnant and he was hitting it it may be because I was not turned on enough, so the v____al ca___l had not had the chance to lengthen." Awesome, my doc giving my DH s_x tips. I was thrilled! Thanks MJM and djh. Heres to all us ladies who keep on keepin' on!


Steph - December 28

LOL!! Your doc giving your dh s_x tips!! That's brilliant!! Last time my dh and I were at the doc I told him that occasionally after s_x I will have spotting. He looked at him and told my dh when that happens, you better cool your jets buddy and take it easy on the wife! I was pretty embara__sed, but it was funny!



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