Why Dose She Look Like Him

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trisha - October 27

me and my husband have two kids together neither one of them look like him,but his sister has a little girl that looks just like him,is that sort of thing common or do you think he might be her daddy.why else would his neice look just like him when his own kids dont even look like him.


Melissa - October 27

Well.....she is his SISTER...so they share some of the same genes...so looking like his niece isn't an odd thing. I have cousins and 2nd cousins that look like me....what in thw world made you come to THAT conclusion? Do you honestly think your husband is guilty of incest?....are you jealous of the relationship he has with his sister....does something not seem right or what?


: ) - October 27

My brothers daughter looks just like me! I have pictures of her in my house and when people see them they think it is me when I was a kid! I remember when she was only about 6 months a friend of mine saw her for the first time and she swore up and down she had to have come from me! I have a daughter as well and she looks alot like her daddy, some people might say my neice looks more like me then my daughter does! But believe me, my daughter came from me and I neice did NOT! I hope you don't really think your husband fathered his sister's kid! lol


trisha - October 27

hopefully your right,and thats all it is but his sister is all he talks about,he kisses her on the lips,i seen her b__wing in his ear,they tickle each other awful close to places they should not be touching and one day when we was over there she told him "your name must be campbells cause you look em em good"its just things like this make me uncomfortable.he wont even give me back ma__sages but he will her.i know i sound really stupied but if you could just see the way they act around each other,its like flirting.and i am jealous he treats her better than he treats me.but what do i know,maybe its all normal.thanks for your reply though.


Melissa - October 27

Maybe they have some wierd thing going like Angelie Jolie had w/her brother. She kissed her brother on the lips all pa__sionetely a few years back...lol....but really...back ma__sages and saying your bro looks "mm mmm good?"....over-zealous tickiling?.....Maybe you better keep a closer eye... or they could just be very very very close......Good Luck


M.A. - October 27

Our one year old looks like me in the face, and my husband in the body. But there's a second cousin of his three weeks younger than our baby that looks so much like him, it's like looking in a mirror. Our baby has red hair like my family, and that baby has jet black hair like his. And I know he wasn't all the way in N.Y. from rhe South when we concieved!


Lisa - October 27

Are you looking for an answer more complicated then...because she is his sister? That's a pretty big accusation you are making there...when I go shopping with my brother he helps me looks for jeans that makes my a__s looks good. He's got a biased opinion.


: ) again - October 27

Trisha- I can see why you might be concerned, that is not normal! Have you asked him why he gives her ma__sages and not you? And why in the hell is he tickling her? I would have already put a stop to this weirdness! Way too strange for my taste! Is this his blood sister or a step sister?


trisha - October 28

she is his blood sister.lisa its more than your brother helping you pick out jeans.they act more like lovers than brother and sister,i have been with him for four years,they have three other brothers but my husband is the only one she acts that way with.i did ask him before and he got real p__sed,im not imagining things,i have cried over this c___p.they wanna sit there telling each other dirty jokes like im not even there.i know it sounds sick but incest dose happen.i get tired of hearing him talk about his little sister so much.she will tell him mark my back needs popped and what dose he do he grabs her around her waist and picks her up squeezing her.i get tired of it,why dose he treat her better than he treats me.it dont make sense.how would you feel if you were in my shoes.i hate going around her,if we go to her house she will offer him a soda but not me.things just dont sound right.


Lisa - October 28

I'm sorry Trisha... my brother and I love eachother and we are close but none of that goes on. He'll give me a kiss on the lips (in a brotherly way, no open mouth or tongues....icky) and stuff and he treats me really well but it's not like that. For your sake I hope it's not incest. I would cry all the time too if my husband paid more attention to his sister like that, than me. Have either of them been abused? That sometimes happens in situations like that...


HH - October 28

I wouldn't jump to conclusion that they are having s_x!!!


Jamie - October 28

My brother's 6 year old daughter could be my clone, but there's no way I'm her mother. And, now, my 3 month old daughter so far looks just like my brother - but he and I definately are NOT incestuous. It's just genetics, and the way things happen. I personally look exactly like aunt, and my brother looks like our grandfather. We have a cousin who looks just like our mom - and so on and so forth. It's just luck of the draw, and genetics. But, I personally think the original post was full of B.S.


Lisa - October 28

I agree...but what are yah supposed to do? We all told her that's probably not the case at all... he's probably just really close to his sister; they grew up together. May be your hormones Trisha are making your over react?


andi - October 28

maybe you should sit down and have a long conversation with the both of them. Tell them how you feel about the situation. Tell your husband how it feels to you that you think that he spends more time with his sister, and seems to care about her more. Tell him how unhappy you are, maybe he will eventually get the picture. If not, then I would call Dr. Phil, he always gives good advice.


To Trisha - October 28

I look so much like my nephew that people give their congrats to me instead of to my sister in law. It's all in the genetic mixing. You can look like a lot of people in your family, doesn't mean there's something weird going on!


to trisha - October 28

That is very weird my husband and his sister and close but they really don't ever kiss each other on the lips heck she will give him a hug and he acts like he does not even want to hug back but he would do anything in the world to help her....but they don't act like anything you have said I would not like that either I think there is some strange going on


Holly - October 28

My Sister has a little girl that looks just like me and her little boy looks just like our brother. They do share the same genes ya know. If you even question weather or not your husband could be the father of his sisters child then you guys have serious problems.



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