Why Dosn Quot T Anyone Respond To S Anymore

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* - October 11

this sight has gone downhill. too many people put garbage on here and now noone wants to come and seriously help people with their ?'s


Cathy - October 11

Do you have a problem or a question I can help you with? I would be happy too.


jb - October 11

Sometimes people dont know the answer to certain questions. I dont put my two cents in when responsing unless i think i know the answer or have some sort of advice for the person.


t - October 11

yes please im frusterated. I posted the ? about being 1 1/2 cm dialated and how long does it take to progress. Like should i be prepared to go in tonight or could it take days? thank you for responding


.... - October 11

Someone already responded to your question and you just posted it. It normally takes a minute or 15 to get a lot of feedback. Relax. Try the 3rd trimester board for more answers..


Cathy - October 11

I''m sorry I cannot answer that question, I am not that far yet


M.A. - October 11

I've seen people, including myself have to wait a few days to go to the hospital. Then again, you could begin to dialate faster out of the blue. You'll prob. start having contractions the more you dialate. That's what happened to me. And then I called my doctor when they came on more. He told me to go to the hospital.


ally - October 12

This may help, when the contractions were every 2 or so mins i was 5 cms dialated, around 2.30 am, she came around 10.25 am that same morning. So to answer ur question going by my experience and every labour is different, some take ages, work on it by the contractions, u know ur having them i tell ya what. When they are every 2 to 3 mins then u gotta go to the hospital. When ya water breaks they ask u to put on a pad and if theres blood or a green show u gotta get going...... At the moment stay put as u have a little bit of time to go and i agree only some questions get answered to a full on degree and others go unanswered, maybe cause ppl dont know .. i dont know. hope i've helped


tiffani~18 days to go!! - October 13

To answer your original unanswered question, you can be 1.5 cm dialated for a month before labor begins. I would go ahead and make your final preparations for the hospital, but don't put on your shoes just yet. :o)


to * - October 16

You are no better, people answered your question and where is your reply back to update us?



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