Why Is My Bf Ignoring The Whole Pregnancy

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upset - March 1

I am crying while writting this question..please someone tell me its normal for guys to act like nothing when they find out they are going to be a parent..my bf doesn't even talk about the pregnancy, baby, hospital or anything and when I ask him he changes subject


rose - March 1

maybe he is really nervous and is trying to avoid talking about it to not let you know...how far along are you? maybe the news of the pregnancy just needs to sink in more for him to open up


DESIRE - March 1

UPSET, How many months r u? When did you find out? And how old r u? If you dont't want to post these questions here, email me at [email protected] And I be happy to talk to you about that! And if you have aol, you can i m me about it! It's going to be ok upset, you be happy down the line. Get back to me soon as you get this...


upset - March 1

I am 2 mths, 19 years old, I found out about 3 weeks ago and I told him the same day..I don't know what to think..


Paradise - March 1

I'm so sorry to hear that. Be happy he's still there my best friend recently told her boyfriend she was pregnant and he filpped out and she has heard a word from him since. My guess is that hes a little freaked out by the whole baby thing (like most guys are) and trys not to think about it. Sit him down and make him talk to you, ask him what his deal is and why hes not happy about the baby. if you need anyone to talk to you can e-mail my at [email protected] i know exactly what your going through.


Paradise - March 1

I hope I can email you too, because from reading your posting too, you seem very friendly and can help sisters out, just like I do the same. But be going thru my problems too. SO feel free to email me at [email protected]


to upset - March 1

he is scare of becoming a father


desire - March 1

Paradise I was the one to ask you to email me because im having similar problems and typed in your name in the wrong part.lol



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