Why Is My Hpts Negative Please Help

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maranda - May 11

Hey,im 2weeks and 5 days late. About 5 days ago i took a hpt,(First Responce),and to my surprise it came back negative twice!!! Now i never was late before and im tired,hungry,fatter,ect... Im under 20 and very healthy,so what can this possibly be?????


livdea - May 12

well you could be pregnant. I took over a dozen hpt (first response) and didn't get a positive until well into 12 weeks. Though I had a positive blood test fromt he dr right at 2 months. I had ZERO symptoms of being pregnant though. I didn't start showing or anything until 19 weeks along. I got a little sleepy but didn't start to feel "fat" until much later. So you could be pg and not testing positive yet or you could be stressing yourself out over it and tricking your body into thinking its pregnant or there could be some other underlying health issues! All possiblities. I say buy another hpt that is not first response, see what comes up and if negative again then go to your dr. That's what I did...after a dozen hpt!! I was CONVINCED I was NOT pregnant, so I called the dr to find out what was really wrong...eh...nothing...just pregnant! HA! Good Luck!


kimberly - May 12

Could be you are pregnant and to early for a urine test to show. Or it could be you are just having an off cycle. A womens cycle can be late for many reasons other than pregnancy. Just because you are always on time doesn't mean your cycle can never be late. This can begin to happen at any age in your life. But if you are still unsure ask for a blood test.


lovemy3 - May 12

I have a 28 day cycle and with all three of my kids I had negative tests until day 40, just the way it is, sometimes it takes awhile to register. good luck


Stace - May 12

Heard a lot of people not have much luck with First Response. Perhaps you should try another brand of test.


lynnstress - May 12

I've been up to 14 days late before - stress-induced. I have always used ept brand, and the only positive I ever got is when I was indeed pregnant.


kellie - May 12

I am in the same boat! AF was due April 26, so I am now 16 days late. I went in for a blood test 7 days ago (20 dpo) and just got the results today BFN! I don't know what is going on, it is very frusterating as I have never been late before. The weird thing is, I have had an unreal amount of clear CM since AF was due, I have never experienced anything like it before. My doctor said to wait and see if AF shows up this month, if it doesn't, she will investigate further.


maranda - May 15

I guess the only thing to do is get a blood test,and take from there. Its so frustrating when you cant always rely on a hpt. what a waste of money!!


Lynne - May 15

I would try a different test. If still negative, call your gyne, hopefully you can get some answers.


phillymom - May 15

I have a similar situation. Usually I am never late. I never, never have spotting like this cycle. I am 14 dpo and the past 7 days experience light brown spotting only when I wipe (sorry for details). All hos are neg.


maranda - May 15

what do you mean by all hos are neg?



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