Why Not Drink Caffeine

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:0 ? :) - November 26

I know you shouldn't drink as much caffeine when pregnant. I've never heard why though. Have your doctors ever told you exactly why?


L - November 26

Caffeine is pa__sed to the fetus through the amniotic fluid. Caffeine is addictive and pa__sing this to your baby can produce an excitable, addicted baby. Caffeine also causes a temporary (approx 2 hrs) hardening of your arteries which can reduce blood flow and the related carrying of oxygen to your baby.


ra - November 26

also it limits the amount of calcium and iron your body can absorb.


and - November 27

it also causes dehydration. you need to drink tons of water darlin.


Jamie - November 27

I've heard it also stunts growth, though I'm not sure how/why.


K - November 27

I've heard that it can also cause birth defects.


:0 ? :) To K - November 27

What kind of defects did you hear that it can cause? Where can I find this info.?


to k again - November 27

i dont think so honey...do your research...at most it can cause your baby to be low birth weight...but birth defects...thats quite dramatic...research your theory, and then come back to us.


From a book - November 27

I'm copying this word for word from a book-caffine-Possible effects on your baby-decreased birthweight, smaller head size, breathing problems, sleeplessness, irritability, jitters, poor calcium metabolism, interauterine-growth retardation, mental retardation, microcephely, various major malformations. : (Your Pregnancy Week By Week) Ok? --


From WebMD - November 27

There is stronger evidence that larger daily amounts of caffeine during pregnancy may increase the risks of miscarriage, preterm delivery and low birth weight, but no solid proof.


Dawn - November 27

I am not saying drink it or do not drink it. This is my personal view. If you feel it may hurt your baby DO NOT do it. I have a 6wk old. I also b___stfeed. When I was preggo my doc said that you could have 2 cokes a day. I drank at least one sometimes two. I had sweat tea the other meals or a type juice for snack. I drank very lil water. I know I should drink more of it. When he was born he was 7lb 7oz 20 1/2 in long. At his 2 wk ck up he was 8lbs 10oz!!!! I still have a coke every am with breakfast. Sometimes I have one at some point in the day. I always have sweat tea still. He is a great baby. He is a little colicky NOTHING TERRIBLE. I do not see that it makes him irritable or restless. I know it may effect some but for me and my baby it has no major effect


#### - November 27

I drank 5 cups a day with my daughter and she is 15 almost 16 on the honer rolls and was a very good and easy baby she slept through the night from day one I also b___stfeed and drank coffee till she was 2 , she is normal height and very healthy . However this one I only have 2 cups a day only cause i dont have the taste for it now but need to have the 2 to get rid of my headaches . Some people over do it here with remarks on the risks if you read proper med files or go to your doc as internet is the worst for true imfo you will find that your doc will say all in moderation thats the key it will not deform your baby .


K - November 27

Sorry I remember reading it somewhere but don't remember where. I thought that was a bit dramatic also...


A - November 28

I think caffeine is just fine. My doctor told me to just limit it.My daughter is now 19 month and she has no birth defects. She was 8 pounds when she was born!!


r - November 28

I think if you drink a ton of it there may be some ill effects but just a little is not bad I have a 1/2 cup coffee a day and once in awhile I have a coke or sweet tea and the rest of the time I drink water and I really don't think that will be a problem just don't over do it


anyone - November 28

I have a mug of black tea each day. I am a__suming you drink water( I get so sick of people asking me and telling me to drink water!) and my doc said you can have 3 caffeinated beverages a day and be fine. miscarriage concerns are only in the 1st trimester for caffeine consumption.


L - November 28

I drank a mug of coffee every morning while pregnant but not until the second trimester, plus since it was summer I would drink huge amounts of ice tea, and my little munchkin is just fine!!! I just drank juice and water with my coffee!



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