Why Not Me

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Melyssa - November 19

I am a 23 year old happily married woman who has been trying to concieve for about 1 year now. I have 2 sisters who are not married,they are both on food stamps and brag that they get pretty much everything for free. My problem is that they both have had no problems concieving. One has 2 kids and the other has 1.5 kids (She's pregnant!!!!) They are all boys. For some reason I thought, that will be cool when I get pregnant, hopefully I will have a little girl since all the excitement of pregnancy has been taken out of my family due to so many un-planned pregnancies, everyone will be excited for me. Well I just found out that my pregnant sister is having a girl. Not that I would have had a girl for sure anyway but I feel so sad over it. I find myself hating the two of them because they act like motherhood is no big deal, they have no idea what it is like to desperatly want a baby that you will be able to provide a loving home for and not be able to have one. Am I wrong for feeling this way? Has this ever happened to anyone else?


dana - November 20

aww i know how you feel but you know? there is a reason for everything....it will come soon enough for you and it will be very special...have you ever heard of blessings in disguise? well just think of it that way and don't think about it so much...it will happen when your least expecting it and your family will be very happy for you because your the only sister that hasn't had a baby yet and it sounds like that baby is going to be really loved!!!!good luck....


lilmama - November 21

With my first baby, i was not on any form of birth control for over a year, and we did not use condoms, we werent exactly trying, but thought it would be good if i did get pregnant. It took over a year, for some people it just takes longer. Hang in there, your day will come, hun. And if for some reason it doesnt, there are other methods that can help. Good luck, and hey, have fun in the process, making babies is the funnest part! Relax and let it happen.


Melyssa - November 22

Thank you so much. I already feel better. I guess I am just impatient and probably have a case of baby fever right now!!!!


cheryl - November 29

I have a seven 1/2 year old son and tried to get pregnant with the baby i am carrying now for two years. Trust me, it will happen for you. educate yourself by reading fertility books so your timing is right. if you have concerns, see your doctor to make sure you are ovulating. I had to go all those things plus monthly bloodwork and I was finally put on Clomid, a fertility drug. do your homework and if you really want a baby don't wait to long to see if there is a problem. Good luck



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