Why The Baby Is Small

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shaan - October 11

i am now 23 weeks of pregnancy but i'm having a 19 weeks baby,but i eat regularly, and also my weight does not gain so tell me please why this happens


karine - October 11

Well...with my daughter i gained 10lbs . (But off course my hipe extended, and stayed that way, so i coudnt put my old jeans) and with my son i gained 15lbs. And with this pregnancy, iam 9weeks and losing weight. I have always tried to eat the best i could (even with my nausea's) and its just how my body was. But both my kids were born 6lbs/9ounce & 6lbs/11ounce. when you worry about things like that you should always talk to your Dr.


Ashley - October 11

My dad, who ended up 5'10" was born 6 lbs, 2 oz. My dh considers me "taller than adverage" at 5'6" and I was 6 lbs, 4 oz. I am hoping for a 7 pounder for my first time, lol! I know that birth weight has nothing to do with how big you end up and more to do with how your uterus handles the stretching. That's why different body types/second and third babies tend to be bigger. I know I would be happy with a smaller baby! :)


Mica - October 11

You need to ask your doctor why your baby is measuring 4 weeks too small!!! Do you have high blood pressure? Are you off on your due date; maybe you concieved later than you thought.? best to you!


? - October 11

Do you smoke? Smoking can cause low birth weight. Maybe the doctor miscalulated your due date


elizabeth - October 11

you could just be having a small baby. That is common. my family had small babys and didnt smoke, my mother had my sister at her due date and she was 5lbs 4oz. and i was 3 weeks early and i was 4lbs. 5oz, im sure everything will be fine, but if worried ask your doctor. good luck


ally - October 12

i had a small baby, its normal, if ur not big and ya partners not big then u wont have a big balloon, mine is a big balloon now but was born 6 pound 2, the whole pregnancy i was small, dont worry its normal, u see how they dont stay small for long when they arrive


April Marie McIntyre - October 13

with both my girls they measured with their due date but when they came out the studies showed they were further along , i also had trouble gaining weight btw . my girls both are healthy and all. some of us just have smalll (strong) babies



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