Why Wont He Change

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New Mommy - June 8

I am 7 months pregnant with my boyfriend on/off again of 4 years? He has always been a bit selfish but lately it's only gotten worse. Despite my extreme back pain..so on. He wont rub my back or cater to my needs. He always wants to be with his friends drinking and wasting money. Now he is rejecting s_x with me? I cant understand why I have only gained 19 pounds so far and think I look great carrying his baby. Im getting fed up with the stress and frustration, according to him it's all my hormones making me feel this way...please help me


to new mommy - June 8

i really wish that i had an answer for you. unfortunatly babies dont change men! they seem to get worse when a women gets pregnant especially if before they werent that stable of a boyfriend to begin with. i struggle with this with a few of my close girlfriends, and unfortunatly if you were already in an unstable relationship to begin with (which i am not judging you, i am basing this off the 'on again, off again' info that you submitted) then babies just seem to complicate them more...i hope that makes sense to you. also OF COURSE you are hormonal...but WHO WOULDNT BE in your condition! and he needs to be more receptive to that...if you want a ma__sage, and he wont give you one, suggest he give you money to go get a professional one lol! honestly from personal experiance and knowing what i know now, i would ditch him. you deserve better, and if he cant see the beauty of you carrying his child...then he isnt worth it. but i cant tell you what to do, based on your short post, and i have no doubt in my mind that eventually you will make the best decision for you and your baby. good luck to you! i will check back, and see how you are getting along, and hopefully i can offer you some support while you are going through this!


bump - June 9



Tammy - June 9

New Mommy- I hope you are not in for alot of heartache. It sounds like BF is not ready to settle down or feels the pressure of the expanding family. Sit him down and let him know how you feel. maybe he doesn't understand. Good Luck.


Julz - June 9

To New Mommy - That is a load of B.S.!!!! I was in a similar situation, where I felt like I was doing EVERYTHING including the pegnancy all on my own, and like you, a simple back rub was out of the question. He NEEDS to be a part of this with you, and if he can't understand that, then tell him to hit the pike!!! It really sounds like he needs to straiten out his priorities, because trust me it has nothing to do with how much weight you've gained or your hormones or anything like that. A good man would WANT to do all the nice things for you in your time of need. I REALLY hope thnigs get better for you in this special time. <3



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