Wicked Witch Of The East

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Anonymous - September 23

OMG. I am such a B**ch!!! I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and I am out of control!!!! One minute I am fine and the next I am screaming and yelling and it's awful. It's like standing outside of myself...I can see myself and hear myself freaking out but I can't stop it. The worse part is that it doesn't have to be anything big that sets me off and most of the time it's directed at my poor husband. I can't stop myself. Anyone else out there feeling the same way?


Cathy - September 23

OH YES! Sweetie it is your hormones. My poor husband doesn't know what to do with me. He says "yes dear" your right dear, I love you baby, anything you want sugar. Then ..."why do you hate me". He is so sweet to me but just one look or if he laughs when I think I am being serious I just go off on him. Poor guy, but I have made him read up on pregnancy so he knows it is just the hormones. Hang in there, I am feeling a little less moody now that I am in my 2nd trimester. Hope that you will soon!


KL - September 23

Definitely! I shouted at my husband for sneezing yesterday, and the day before that because he had the nerve to offer me a hot drink...totally illogical. He says he can't joke with me at the moment as I've had a total sense of humour failure and take everything he says seriously! But luckily he's just laughing at me for it, which has to be a good thing. Can see other people losing their rag with me soon though.....


Becky - September 23

Has this just been after you've been pregnant? I felt like that normally, before getting pregnant. Finally I couldn't stand my mood swings and what impact they were having on our marriage, so I went on an antidepressant.....ended up having good luck with fluoxetine (generic Prozac). My doctor OK'd staying on it during the pregnancy, saying it is better for me to not be stressed than to worry about the chance of the baby having short-term withdrawal from it. So, this may not have answered your exact question, but hopefully it helped someone else out there. Good luck!


Anonymous - September 23

No this just started a few weeks ago I guess its those d__ned hormones. Thanks for the help ladies its nice to know I'm not the only one whos posessed!!!


ally - September 25

Hi anon, i found that you are nuts at the start in the middle and towards the end of pregnancy, rest a__sured though u aren't psycho everyday, it comes and goes, all the best and i know its hard as its uncontrollable. your husband will laugh about it with u later on after you have your baby in your arms, it would have all seemed worth it


teigan - September 25

whhoooo hoooooo... im feeling exactly the same, i hate everyone, including the dog. i cant help myself but b___h all the time, and i wanna stop but its like my mouth runs away with me, i feel so very guilty afterwards but it cant be helped, i also blame it on these hormones, dont worry its a normal thing to go through, aniways who says men have to have an easy time through pregnancy lol.. xx take care and good luck


emily - October 8

i must be the "wicked witch of the west" then.Dont know why but whenever I am pregnant my husband irritates me no matter what he says or does. I am not this bad when I am not pregnant.Pregnancy brings out the worst in some and I am one of them.


Kaylin - October 8

There are a lot of women who are pregnant and don' see fit to treat others like c___p. You all need to be isolated from other humans for a while so you can stop being so awful. Don't sing the "I cant help it" song", because thats bull. You dont want to change it or you would. If a gun were to your head, think you would still be such b___hes? No. You allow yourself to be this way. Yeah its your hormones but that doesnt make it okay or excuse you in any way!


thats why - October 8

this site is so great. You can come here and tell off other b___hes, and be anice to the people you care about. En garde, b___hes!


Bonnie - October 8

To: thats why...LMAO so true. There is a wonderful UK based site I go to for true opinions and advice throughout my pregnancy(www.emmasdiary.co.uk) where there are rarely any fights. But when I'm feeling hormonal or ready for some cheap entertainment, nothing beats this Web site, lol.


Bonnie - October 8

P.S. I think Kaylin's feeling hormonal today too!!! :D ..... Hmmm, someone holding a gun to a hormonal pregnant woman's head Kaylin? I think I would feel mroe sorry for the gunman :P


Beth S. - October 8

Yes i have definately had my moments but at the same time when i started to feel that way i would go for a walk, drive, whatever it would take to get away. and mine was mostly directed at hubby too and he didnt deserve it so i always did what i could to get away when i was feeling that way



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