Wierd Fantasies

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Kate - November 21

Ok, I posted this on "s_x and pregnancy" but didnt get much reassurance. I've never been one to fantasize or like p___n, or anything, but lately I have wanted to do like role play, or something with my husband. Im too embarassed to tell him! I feel ashamed of some of the things Im thinking! Like, I have fantasies that he is a virgin, and Im his first time, but its all in my mind, because I cant bring myself to tell him, in case he will think Im a freak. I dont know how he would react, because I've never suggested anything like this! Also, Ive wanted so bad to watch p___n with him, but I cant say it! Anyone else feel this way?


Leena - November 21

Nope, sorry. Id have to say it sounds a little weird to me.


Jamie - November 21

It's not wierd at all. Maybe just be honest with him, that you want to try something new - you don't necessarily have to be specific about what you want to do - who knows, he might be having fantasies, too, and is afraid to approach you about them. Or, say you had an erotic dream that involved one of your fantasies, and tell him about the dream - see his reaction to it.


Kate - November 21

Jamie, thank you...sometimes I feel like a freak! I might try the dream thing. Anyone else having these feelings??


jb - November 21

I dont think its weird. Alot of people role play things like that. You are just going to have to tell him. Wait for a good intimate moment. You dont have to be getting physical, just a time when you are in bed and talking. Lots of couples also watch p___n together. I think he might be thrilled if you suggest it. I have watched it with my husband before. But really it doesnt thrill me and we end up making fun of the people and situations while we are watching it. I just cant help it, it really doesnt do much for me. But like i said my husband enjoys watching it sometimes and likes that I can watch it with him and not judge him. I think it will improve your relationship if you two can start talking about stuff like this.


Tess - November 21

I dont think its weird and I dont think you're a freak. I've watched p___n w/ my hubby ------- several times now. I dont see anything wrong w/ that. Best advice is to tell him and be upfront to him I dont think he would take it the negative way.....atleast you're being honest on what you feel. You guys are husband and wife.....so I dont see anything wrong w/ that. Hope that helps.


Lisa - November 21

I think your husband would probably love it...give him a couple drinks and whisper it in his ear; he will probably be very happy that you brought it up.


Tried It - November 21

I tried it with my husband a couple of months ago. He started watching it without me, and looking at other women in public. I ripped the d.v.d. into shreds, and told him that it was a mistake, and to get over it. So I wouldn't do it if I were you.


*X* - November 21

Just get him drunk and proposition him about it. There's nothing hotter than being able to have freaky and/or experimental s_x with your hubby. Try taking him on a trip down to the "toy" store together, too. He's a guy. Unless he's a really a___l missionary(-position) man, then he'll likely think it's hot.


*X* to Tried it - November 21

Are you serious? You get upset about your hubby looking at other women on the street? What for? Women are hot, and it's only natural for men to look at them. That kind of jealousy is something you might want to think about taming, because it's unhealthy for a relationship.


julie - November 22

no you are anything but a freak.Pregnancy ,esp. in the 2nd trimester has been known to increase women's libido big time.I know it has for me. I'm wearing my poor hubby out.Fantasies anyway are a normal human feeling.don't be ashamed,tell him.I bet he will be very responsive to it!!


Been there - November 22

His stupid hormones need taming! Lusting over the opposite s_x when it's not your spouse can lead to someone not thinking their spouse is good enough. Then they can imagine what someone else will do for them in bed. Then they may cheat to try and find someone who may be what they want in bed, and find out that it wasn't what they wanted anyway. They could also mistreat their spouse due to these thoughts. One thing leads to another if you don't watch out. Everyone has fleshly desires. But they should also control those desires to be saved for their spouse.


~m~ - November 22

Ooooh girl, go with it! I'm betting your hubby would LOVE it! What a nice surprise it would be for you to ask him to give you a little "spanky-spank"! LOL I think it is normal for the h__y b___ton to be pressed during pregnancy. I was like this when I was pregnant with both of my sons, and now I'm getting it again! Nothing wrong with having a little fun. Do you watch the show Friends? If so, do you remember the one where Rachel was pregnant and super h__y and wanting every guy she saw. So Phoebe lent her a full size poster of Evander Holyfield (sp?). Too funny. Happy humping! :o)


KLC - November 22

Don't be embara__sed girl...GO FOR IT!!!! You don't have to get him drunk though...he's a guy he won't need the booze...I bet if you just popped in a p___n like it was a regular old movie and just started watching it he'd love it....My hubby and I like to watch then together and try all the different positions out....HAVE FUN!!!!


~m~ - November 22

LOL KLC! Bow-chick-a-bow-bow!


Kate - November 22

LOL you girls are TOO funny! I think Im gonna let him have it tonight! Thanks!


*X* to Been there - November 22

If your husband requires your jealousy to not lust after other women and act on it, then you're with the wrong man. Besides, the only thing jealousy has ever done is push the other person away. Tame that ridiculous jealousy before it ruins your relationship! Chicks are hot, and men will enjoy admiring them. Try admiring them with him - point out a nice, big pair of t_tties pa__sing by. It's hardly going to make him want to leave you. In fact, it would work the opposite, as it shows your confidence in his feelings about you, which will confirm to him that he's with the right woman.



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