Wife Is Rh Negative Should We Try To Get Pregnant

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SAC - December 30

My wife is RH Negative and I am RH Positive, we lost a previous pregnancy to an RH unrelated issue (maybe). My wife is terrified of getting pregnant again but would like to start a family after 9 years of marriage. Is the risk too high or is it possible to have a normal pregnancy and normal child under these conditions?


faithful ending - December 30

I am Rh-, my dh is RH+, and we almost lost our 3rd child, we had 2 previous health children, but what happen I had a m/c with my third and the doc forgot to give me the rhogam, so my 4th had sensitivity, and had to be taken by c-section at 36 weeks, because trhey forgot to give me the rhogam early, but thank God he servive, what you all can do is get a rhogam first then start trying to be pregnant, then every thing will be ok with the baby, gGod bless and have a happy healthy baby.


AF - December 30

Yes.-you can definitely get pregnant. Just get the treatment for the RH and you'll be fine.


anita - December 30

sure. as long as the baby's blood didn't mix w/ your wife's then she probably never developed antibodies to fight off an RH pos. baby. if she did develop those antibodies, it's still possible to carry a baby to term. if the baby is RH neg, there won't be any problems at all, but if it's pos, your pregnancy will be alot more complicated.


ally - December 30

I am negative and partner positive, here in aus u get needles at the hospital every few mths to protect the baby from antibodies, we had a healthy little baby girl who is also a positive blood group


Kristina - December 30

I am also Rh- and my hubby is Rh+. I had a healthy pregnancy and my baby is almost 2months now and very healthy. I had to get a rhogan shot when I was pregnant..and they said if baby was positive blood type I would have to get another when she was born. She was A- though...same as me..so I didn't have to get a 2nd shot. Also, my grandma was Rh- and had 4 healthy children, no miscarriages..and they didn't have the rhogan shot back then. I was told that being Rh- mostly would effect your next child if anything, I was told it doesn't cause miscarriages..just can cause abnormalities and disorders (which are usually more common in boys) When you have a first baby, if the baby is positive your body might develop antibodies to the positive blood type which if pregnant with a positive baby again in the future, those antibodies can attack the babys positive blood cells. The shot prevents this. I don't see a reason to not try again. Did your wife get the rhogan shot when she miscarried? I was told if you miscarry you should get the shot.


Kristina - December 30

oh, forgot to mention..my grandma who was Rh- had 4 children who were all Rh+. They are all healthy =)


angel - December 30

hi my mom is rh- and my dad is rh+ i am almost 21 and my brother will be 20 my mom had absolutly no problem all you need to do is she needs to be watched really close by her doctor.... and good luck!!


erin - December 31

risk is minimal considering your wife will get a rhogam before and after giving birth (if the child is positive). i am RH neg and my husband is positive and we had a healthy baby boy, who is also a positive.



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