Will Birth Control Pills Make

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simmone - October 21

Will birth control pills make you have your period even when your pregnant. Can it make your body still have it because your on a cycle?


name - October 21

Good question! I'd like to see the responses :)


BRUCEN - October 24



E - October 24

I have no clue but I belive that there is no definitive answer to this. I think some women could experience bleeding while others may have no bleeding. I think if there will be any blood, it would be during the first month while your body is adjusting to the pregnancy and then the bleeding would stop. Again, I am not sure and cannot find this answer anywhere.


Mellissa - October 24

I got pregant while on birth control and yes, I missed my next period completely. The date of my last period was May 15th/04 and by June 13th/04 (the day I was due to get my period) I had no period. I took a pregnancy test on June 15th and I was indeed pregnant. I ovulated and concieved (made the baby) on the 29th of May (approximately) and I haven't had a period since the last one on the 15th of May. However, some women have implantation bleeding which can be confused for a regular period. It's usually lighter or less in number of days than your regualr period, though and is usually a few days earlier than your next period would have been. This all has nothing to do with the birth control pill. Whether you are on the pill or not, you will cease to have your period once the baby arrives, no matter how long you stay on the pill once you are pregnant. The blood that you shed each month is only shed because no fertilized egg shows up and attaches itself to your uterus lining. When a fertilized egg DOES show up, you keep the blood inside you to nourish the growing embryo (baby) After that, there is no longer a reason for your body to produce this blood each month so there is no longer a period. Again, however, some women do have a little implantation bleeding or, they could have a very early miscarriage and the fertilized egg and blood can get swept out, just like an ordinary period.



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