Will Breastfeeding Happen Naturally After C Section

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Kaz - May 20

Hello, Just another paranoid Q from me...If Natural Childbirth is all hormone related/controlled, does your body know it needs to provide milk just the same after a C-section? I know this isn't the correct place to ask such Q's but it seems to get more traffic than the other 'Titles', therefore more likly a reply. Thank you in advance


Jen - May 20

Yes it does. I had a c-section and the milk started flowin right away so don't worry.


JenniferB - May 21

I had a c section and my milk didn't come in so that I could b___st feed exclusively. The reason was that I was anemic and I lost a lot of blood during the c section. The thing that made me angry is that they tested me for anemia and never told me that I was. I brought my poor baby home and I was basically starving him because I didn't realize that I wasn't producing enough milk. He lost 2 pounds and three trips to the doctor before someone figured it out. I am not telling you this to worry you. Just cautioning you to be sure that you take extra care that you are not anemic. What happened to me doesn't happen very often. You will be fine. Good luck.


Kaz - May 21

Thanks again. No...Good News / Bad News - I need it all. I want to understand. This is my first and like everyone else just want the best for bub. Breastfeeding is a big issue for me, I had allergies as a child that I want to prevent, I wasn't b___stfeed and believe that my relationship with my Mum is lacking that little something. My Dad wouldn't allow it.


Sharon - May 21

Your body does know to produce milk,both my sister in laws had c sections and they both have no problem b___stfeeding.


BBK - May 21

Beleive it or not, what causes the milk to flow is you looking at the baby. A hormone is at work but the triggering of the whole process is by your mind.


Maleficent - May 21

you certainly can b___stfeed after a cesarian.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 21

I didn't have any trouble with my milk coming in but because of the nature of section (being put completely under) it took me a long time to come out of it so my son had already had several bottles before he got to me. He was not interested and never really got the latching on thing. I am writting a birth plan right now to let the nurses know what I want done and how. I hope it helps. GL


Kaz - May 21

Thank you All. You're a terrific help. Sonya, I hope all goes to plan this time. All the Very Best to all of you :o)


P - May 21

Yes you can. The dr. said it's because the production of milk is linked to the placenta so once that's gone your body knows to start producing milk. First comes the colostrum to help your bub expell the miconium and then the milk starts a few days later. Watch you diet, make sure you are eating well. I didn't and it caused problems with my milk production. Once I started eating properly I had no problems at all.


Maleficent - May 21

you shouldn't have to go totally under if it's a planned cesarian. and if anyone tries to tell you that baby is "starving" and needs a bottle tell them to *f* off. babies do fine up to 2-3 days after deliver. hell, it took at least that long for my son to wake up after he was born.


Kaz - May 22

Hi Mal. Wow that is so good to know, I had no idea. I thought the baby would be starving after birth. I suppose, thinking back to what the midwife said, that they're stomach is so tiny, it makes sense. Thank you P, that make perfect sense too. I'm constantly amazed at how clever our bods are. That's so cool


Jbear - May 22

I had a c-section and my baby was in NICU. I wasn't allowed out of bed to go see her, so the nurses brought me a b___st pump so that I could express milk and my milk supply wouldn't dry up before I could try feeding her. (I had high blood pressure and an emergency c-section. It's not likely that you wouldn't be able to see your baby. I just wanted you to know the hospital will work with you, if necessary.)


~m~ - May 23

It's the pregnancy, rather than childbirth, than prompts milk production. I had 2 C's, and produced plenty of milk for both of my b___stfed babies.



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