Will I Beable To Cope

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*** - September 21

I am 33 weeks pregnant and a first time mom at 23, I am now getting quite scared that i will not be able to cope, I am scared that I will be a bad mom, I know that I have my partner and family to help me, but this does not help the way I feel at the moment, Does anyone else feel like this, and what can I do to make myself feel better


eyebeeablessing2u - September 21

Look into joining a mom to mom group... stick with other mom to learn their secrets... perhaps make friends with some of the women who are in your pre natal courses... the fact that you are seeking answers show you are going to be great mom.. take it one day at a time and Congrats... take time for your self as well... and use all the help from your family that you can.. curround yourself with family and friends...


*** - September 21

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your anwer.


April - September 21

I am 23 years old. I am only 9 weeks and suffering from what you are. MAJOR ANXIETY! I worry all the time, being so young still, will I be a good mom at this age... will I be able to handle it. Because when I think about it, sure I got my partner... but really, how much can they do...they are men! LOL!!! I am trying not to worry as much... I find it easier talking to people that have experienced it. I think its normal to think this way as our hormones are all out of wack!


*** - September 21

April, I agree I think that we really have nothing to worry about and that we will be great moms, and it propably is our hormones playing tricks on us.I hope everything goes well for you and your new baby.


don't worry - September 21

I became a mom at 25, stlighly older than you but porbably the same range, I have never felt as responsible about any one like I feel towards my little one, once you have him/her in your arms you will just feel so responsible and caring like you never been before...


kellie - September 22

i am 25 and soon to be a mother of 4 i have went threw the same feelings with all three other kids and am starting them with this one Recently being put on complete bed rest for contractions i cant work or anything i cant even take care of my kids My family wont let me....so believe me i know the feeling at 33 weeks preg hormones play a big big part in it...but i am sure that once you hold your baby you will know exactly what to do i agree with everyone here Join a mommy and me group or something something that is going to give you support outside your family and advice from other than your mother in law of your own mom sometimes it can be overbearing on the advice that you recive from them if they see that you are not doing it "how They would have" make sure you take plenty of time for the key person in all of this YOU yes you are doing everything for that baby and with doing that you can tend to get run down and forget the real joy about it....Good luck and Enjoy them while you can They Grow up way to fast


April - September 22

Its nice to hear that there are others out there that feel the same! I just feel so d__n young to be going thru this now......and Im not even married yet!!!!!! We are headed that was as wehave purchased our first home together. Just wish we hadof been married first. Somany things to think about... like whos name should I give it!?!?!


Dez - September 22

I dont think im so much being worried about becoming a mommy, but this whole labor thing is freaking me out.



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