Will I Get Pregnent

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Maria - January 23

My bf didn't penitrate his p__s in my va___a. I think he had slightly touched his sperms with his fingers. He then (may be after 20 mins) touched my va___a ( outside of my panties actually) with his finger. Is there any chance of getting pregnant?? I had my cycle on 30th of dec and we had the incident on 22 of Jan. Please help me


Lyn - January 23

I think you are pretty safe because if I remember correctly in health cla__s they said once sperm hits the air most of them die. And after 20 minutes I am sure they were all dead.


Maria - January 23

Thanks Lyn But i think sperm live for few hours even if contacted with air (as in sperm donation). I would just like to know how much quantily of sperm is needed for fertilization and is it needed to be eaculated inside v____a for that? In my case it is just small touch through fingers which he touched on my clothes (panties) I am concerned because I am having soure b___st (just within 1 day, is that a symptomp??) It may be due to someother reason but I would like to hear from the group anticipating response from the group


Michaela - January 23

Maria to answer your question sperm can live from a matter of minutes to a matter of hours outside the womens body.You only need one little sperm to fertilize the egg..usually it is best for the man to ejaculate inside of you..but yes if he had it on his fingers and then touched you..yes you could get pregnant but the chance is very low...Also, millions of sperm can be ejaculated into the women but only a few hundred will make it into the fallopian tubes and sperm can survive for up to 7 days inside the womens body.If, you had your panties on and he touched your panties your probaly not pregnant.There, is NO way that the next day you can get sore b___st it takes along time (7-10) for the egg (once fertilazied) to burrow itself into the uterus lining.It, is probaly your period getting ready to come.Women, usually do not get symptoms of pregnancy until about 3-5 weeks after implantation (when the egg burrow itself into the uterus lining).If, your period doesn't come..get a test!



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