Will I Have A Miscarriage

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Nicole - October 12

I'm embarrassed to say but I had an abortion on May 5th of 2004, then I had another in july of 2005. Now i'm pregnant and will carry my baby but am horrified that I will miscarry b/c of the two abortions, especially since the last one was only about 3 months ago. How likely is it that I'll miscarry? does anybody know? please help!


TRACIE - October 12

My sister has had several abortions and she still able to get pregnant and carry full termi don't think miscarrying has anything to do w/abortions.i've had 3 myself and i'm 9 weeks so i guess we'll see.


??? - October 12

Why are you pregnant Nicole if you just finished having an abortion? Did you not use birthcontrol, or was this one planned? I don't understand how someone can make the same mistakes so many times, in such short periods of time. Not to be mean. I just never could think on these lines. So I was just curious to know from the actual people who do this.


kris A. - October 12

Hi Nicole, the abortions will have little effect on your pregnancy - the only trouble would come from any scar tissue inside the uterus preventing the egg from implanting properly. Make sure your doctor knows your concerns and he can likely do an ultrasound to ensure baby is developing properly. I wish you luck and I hope you ignore those who come here to judge without knowing specifics. Best of Luck! :) - to ??? - if you have no advice, why post? You dont know Nicole's story, nor is it your business to know... pregnancies are aborted for a myriad of reasons, only some of which are mistakes... maybe we could keep this thread a supportive, helpful, and well mannered thread instead of the judgemental, pro/con abortion issue debate that these type of questions always spawn...


A - October 12

Abortion is not a method of birth control, for Lord's sake. If you have one once, it is your responsibility to make sure it doesn't happen again. And yes, it can affect you. How much is unknown.


kris A. - October 12

Oh lord, here we go... Nicole, better run now, here come the judge and jury...


??? - October 12

I wasn't meaning to judge anyone. I was just wondering how someone can make so many of the same mistake. Oviously if you had an abortion, then you think you made a mistake, so you are trying to fix it. Or maybe the abortion was your mistake. If so many women who has gone through this would fess up and admit why they did it, maybe it will help others know for sure whether they want to risk the outcome of lustful pleasure. Everyone thinks things won't happen to them. If they know how it feels to get pregnant and have to make that decision from other speaking up, maybe they'll decide that they don't want to do anything to cause that decision to have to be made. And they also won't get S.T.D.'s. Anyway, to ask how this could happen so many times isn't judging. It's common sense to do what is right, especially after so many times of doing what is wrong! You think it's nobody's business. If you know it was wrong, and don't want to discuss it, then why would you do it in the first place? Also, you're making it your business when you watch the news about people killing and being killed.


kris A. - October 12

I dont want to debate - so this is my last post on here and hopefully nicole got the answer she needed and wont come back either. to ??? - I was raped at 14 - I ASSURE YOU I HAD NO LUSTFUL PLEASURE - and had an abortion - it was not a mistake. My sister had a deformed baby and due to being in the military was denied an abortion (federally funded abortions a no-no, even to women whose babies cant survive the pregnancy) she was forced to carry a dead baby for a week before nature took over. It devastated her and she never got pregnant again - an abortion would have saved her that anguish. My dearest friend got pregnant at 16 and had an abortion, didn't regret it, got her education, got married and had three beautiful kids. Reasons are as varied as we are, and again, Nicole wasn't asking for your opinion of her personal life, just whether the previous abortions could jeapordize this pregnancy - which the answer has been posted - depends on scar tissue. talk to doctor.


Jessica - October 12

To ??? You are obviously no help to her here, so why bother doing what you are doing? I have had an abortion just like many others and its not any of your business why.She simply asked a question in reference to miscarriage. She did not want to be judged or drilled with your annoying questions which are none of your business. You never know what her reasons may be. Please leave it alone already. And to A- Please go to another thread and preach your saysing elsewhere. I hate to tell of you but Abortion is LEGAL. Nicole please ignore these people and dont let them upset you. You will not miscarry because of the abortions. Just like Kris A said in her post which was very informative and kind!!


hope this helps - October 12

I have had 3 abortions in the past not something I am proud of but had my reasons and I have gone one to have a child since and am 23wks along with another so unless there is scare tissue there really should not be a problem good luck to hon and take care...( :


N - October 12

Nicole, talk to your doctor, he/she will know best. Technically there shouldn't be any problem with your pregnancy as long as you don't have any underlying medical conditions (like diabetes or heart problems or something). There will always be a risk of misscarriage in the first 12 weeks no matter who you are, but after that if things are still looking good, everything should be completely normal. MAKE SURE YOU GET PRENATAL CARE. Take care of yourself and that baby..


How sad - October 12

I understand some people have abortions for good reasons, such as rape and problems with the baby and they should not be looked down on but people talking about Oh I had 3 abortions and blah,blah,blah! like it is fine and dandy is another, how sad. Great you killed not 1,not 2 but 3 of your babies. Congrats! How irresponsible can you really be? Birth control pills are FREE at any health dept. hello!! I do not care who gets mad at me for posting this, it is my opinion and if it bothers you maybe it's because the truth hurts sometimes.


???? - October 12

Hi Nicole, my friend had an abortion like 10 years ago. She did have a m/c last year but now she's preg again & everything's fine so far. Her doc doesn't think the m/c had anything to do with the abortion. Good luck to U!


Lisa - October 12

It might, having an abortion is very hard on your body. If you think about it, they are ripping out a viable fetus from your body with instruments. If it was not going to carry to term your body would naturally miscarry in a more gentle way to you. I'm not juding, just giving it like it is. I hope that you are able to carry your baby to term and I wish you all the best. Carrying my baby thus far has been the best experience of my life and I hope you can experience the full cycle of it! Best of luck to you... :)


Lisa - October 12

Nicole, one thing I've learned through life is that you don't have to justify yourself to anyone.


Karen - October 12

Hey, think about the responsibility you have taken on. If you really want that baby you will spend your 9 months of pregnancy in bed. Thats what my mother did.



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