Will Showering Bathing In Hot Water Affect Pregnancy

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Marissa - February 23

I usually have quite hot showers... there is a possibility I may be preganant (hope I am!) and I'm wondering whether showering or taking hot baths will affect the implantation?


? - February 23

Good Question>>>> I will stick around to see this answer!!


To marissa - February 23

I wouldn't think it would have any effect at all since inplantation is an internal thing and the water wouldn't be going into your body that far.....where your fallopian tubes are......


michelle - February 23

well...im not certain but my mother says it is not good to take hot baths/showers but i have had 2 docters say don't go in hot tubs or showers. I guess it isn't good


To michelle - February 23

That's AFTER you get pregnant, right?


m - February 23

I have heard it can cause brain damage to the fetus. This is of course if the water is over a certain temperature and your body core gets over heated.


alj - February 24

I too like hot baths and still had them through pregnancy and I have 3 healthy children. Pregnant again (in 7th week) and will still enjoy them.


E - February 24

Please read this PDF from OTIS: If you are not in the bath/shower for long and do not overheat, you should be fine. No dashes or hyphens, if some appear. http://otispregnancy.org/pdf/hyperthermia.pdf


rose - February 24

i have heard it is dangerous because it can raise your blood pressure... if you begin to feel overheated it is important to cool down right away


Marissa - February 24

Thanks everyone for the answers, much appreciated =)


me - February 24

I read last night in the pregnancy magazine that you should not be in a steamed room. I forget the reasons however they were valid. They also continued w/ jacuzzi tubs, hot baths and showers. If you are letting the water get this hot you WILL do damage. Please ask your Dr. before your next visit to the heat. Good Luck!


Dez - February 24

I showered and bathed in hot water before getting pregnant and throughout my whole pregnancy it didnt effeft anything and my baby is fine. I think the problem is submerging yourself in hot water too lone (hottubs, because they never cool down) once you get in the hot bath by the time you get out it isnt as hot anymore. Enjoy the warm baths especially if your pregnant and your back starts hurting.



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