Will The Pregnancy Hurt

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How would the pregnancy feel?Will it hurt as bad as the first time you had s_x or badder? How could you find your pregnet beside a test? can you get pregnet without periods?


moescrilla - February 4

LABOR hurst allot worse than your first time having s_x. If you're not having periods, you probably arent ovulating, which means most likely you wont get pregnant. You need to take a test, how else would you find out you're pregnant?


Deb - February 5

The pregnancy itself probably won't hurt much, but you might have moments of discomfort when the baby gets very big. Labor, however, is very painful. Far worse than the first time having s_x. The contractions were the worst for me...pretty much unbearable and I couldn't get comfortable no matter what I did. The pushing was very painful too, but a different kind of pain...a lot of stinging. There is nothing you can compare it to in terms of how painful it is. For me, it was the most painful thing I have ever gone through, and I was lucky with an 8 hour labor. You can get an epidural (needle in your spine) that will numb the pain for a good portion of your labor. A test is pretty much the only way you can find out for sure if you are pregnant. And as moescrilla said, if you are not getting periods, you may not be ovulating which would definitely decrease your chances of getting pregnant. If you are not getting periods, though, could it be because you are already pregnant? If that might be the case, take a test so that you know one way or another. Good luck!


tyler0323 - February 5

the ladies are right. Pregnancy itself is uncomfortable to farther along you are not so much painfull untill you are in labor. If you have not had a period yet then you are not ovulating there fore, cant get pregnant. as for finding out pregnancy without a test, not too sure how that is possible besides waiting to see the baby belly develope and feeling the baby moving which dosnt happen for 4 months or so.


kvilendrer - February 7

Pregnancy is somewhat painful, at least for me. About a month before I was due, my baby settled down into my pelvis, pushing onto my bones, and causing me extreme pain. Labor actually wasn't painful for me. I had an epidural, so I couldn't feel one thing down there. After my water broke, the contractions were almost unbearable though. The whole time, I was trying not to scream, but it was VERY hard not to.



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