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tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - August 1

I have a Jello No Bake Cheesecake so yummy) in my refrigerator that is screaming my name. Seriously, I can't do anything without it yelling "eat me." So my question is this... If I cave in (only for the sake of the cheesecake, of course) can I consider it healthy eating, I mean it's made with 2% milk and it is covered with cherries. So in essence, i'm fullfilling 2 of my food catergories, dairy and fruits. Someone please tell me it's okay to have cheesecake for breakfast, i'm dying over here. :o)


steph - August 1

Girl, eat whatever you want (within reason). This may be the only time in your life that you can eat like that and get away with it...Iv'e had alot worse for breakfast. Eg: Pizza, Ice cream, etc.....lol....How far along are you?


HDF - August 1

You don't have to eat healthy every single day. One of the best things about being pregnant are the treats. I say go ahead and eat it. Your body craves what it needs. Enjoy it!


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - August 1

Thank you ladies. I'm definitely going to induldge as soon as I get breakfast ready for my kids, otherwise i'll have to share with them, and that quite frankly is not an option. ;o) By the way, I just started my 27th week today, finally made it to the 3rd trimester. 99 days to go!!!!!


Mary - August 1

Tiffany, my edd is 10/27 and by my count (and online calendars) I started week 27 last friday. Hmm interetesting, Are you counting 38 weeks to completion or 40?. Anyway, have that cheesecake! I got cravings for coolaid last week and got grape and orange flavors. I considered them as being "fruit" juice! Hahahah, of course they where only sugar and paint, but hey, a craving is a craving and I do not get many of those! :)


tiffani~99 days to go!! - August 1

Mary~ I have a pregnancy calendar that i've been following and it says i'm beginning my 27 week (meaning I just completed my 26 week) tomorrow. Counting down the days, I have 99 to go until my Nov 7th due date. However, i'm having a repeat scheduled C Section a week prior to my due date, but I don't base my calculations off that, I use my official date to keep track. Confused yet?? :o)


Tammy - August 1

That cheesecake sounds yummy! I'm opting for a boring waffle and coffee. Last night I gave in a ate a Tastykake lemon pie. Mary- I am due on 10/28 also.


Mary - August 1

Hahahha, yes I am confused so, so I am going to ignore your count! :) :) Sorry. I was all happy I moved on my 3rd trimester last Friday! :) Tammy, cool we are due on the same day! Halloween week babies!


tiffani~99 days to go!! - August 1

Mmm, I love waffles. Have you ever had Eggo waffles with peanutb___ter on it? Oh so good! Sounds like quite a few of us will be having Halloween week babies. :o)


Mary - August 1

Yes, Halloween babies! Just imagine the fun parties we can throw with pumpkin painting/carving, fall decoration and haloween theme. We can have a best costume contest and of course those delicious fried cakes (pumpkin donughts)! We can even organize the b-parties at a local farm and have hayrides!


Heidi - August 1

Eat the whole thing. I would. Ha ha! Indulge a little! I figure we deserve it for all this c___p we're going through. Speaking of Halloween babies, I'm due Oct. 21st and you should see all the Halloween onsies I bought at rummage sales. Ha ha! I think if I deliver on or near my due date, I'll have to dress him/her in all the outfits so I can say I used them at least once :)


KAtharine - August 1

My 4-year-old thinks pregnancy is synonomous with "can eat dessert for breakfast".


Jill - August 1



To tiffani~99 days to go!! - August 1

How much did you eat! HA HA


E - August 1

Tiff, it makes it okay, I had devils food cake for breakfast, and of course, coffee. I am not pregnant and don't need the calories like you do. I say - eat several pieces throughout the day.


Tammy - August 1

Mary- I am really excited about a potential Halloween baby. My son will be 5 on 10/28 and my daughter will be 21 on 10/31. This baby has a good chance of coming on someone's birthday. I am trying to talk my doctor into inducing me on the 27th. I have to be here for my son's birthday. We have had some awesome Halloween birthday parties for my daughter. Obvoiusly that week is huge around here. Oh, and my wedding anniversary is 11/03. Busy week...... As far as eggo's and peanut b___ter. I would normally love it, I'm sure but peanut b___ter gives me awful heartburn.


ep - August 1

eat the cake! a craving is a craving. i just bought a chocolate covered donut. i've been having one once a week throughout my pregnancy. i'm 39 weeks, i still work out 3-5 times a week and i know i won't be eating like this after the baby is born. when i saw the donut i said why not? hopefully this will be my last week of pregnancy, so i went for it!! going to save it for later maybe after lunch! yum yum



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