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K - November 4

I hear that prego's can drink one glass of wine a week. Is that true?


prada - November 4



TO PRADA - November 4

Maybe you shouldn't respond if its not gonna help answer a question


Rachel - November 4

I wouldn't risk it myself.


jena - November 4

The thing PROBABLY won't do any harm. But, why risk it? Is it really worth it to you?


steph - November 4

personally- i think its ok as far a safe...but really, is it any fun to just have one gla__s a week... why do it if you know you cant get a little tipsy! i stopped drinking, because before i was pregnant, i would have at least 2-3 gla__ses of beer or wine at dinner... i cant do that now so i just dont drink at all


Don't get mad - November 4

I dunno. I have a friend that drank wine everyday while she was pregnant with her first and second child.They are one year and 3 years now. They are beautiful children and very bright, born with no complications. This is all I can say about wine. I am not a doctor so I really have no idea.


i am not sure - November 5

of the real problems it could cause your baby, some women have no side effects from drinking while others may have 2 or 3 drinks through out the entire pregnancy, and their baby ends up with a problem...i guess that the point that i am trying to make is why risk it when you can do all you can to give your babe the best chance it deserves, after all 9 months isnt that long to go without a drink...especially when you have the rest of your life to booze it up as much as you want. good luck in making the decision that you feel is right for you, and your baby, no one on this site is really going to be able to steer you one way or the might just have to ask your OB what he/she thinks, and get an educated answer, not an opinion....sorry i couldnt be of more help.


I WOULDN'T - November 5

My grandmother drank while pregnant, and 5 out of 8 of her kids turned into drunks or psycos.


to K - November 5

People do it. But time and time again the professionals say that they don't know WHAT AMOUNT can be harmful. That means a gla__s MIGHT be. Why risk it? I love wine too but the way I see it, if I can't give it up for 9 months when there is a RISK that it could be harmful, then I am not putting the needs of my baby first.


K - November 5

Thanks everyone for your input


Jill - November 5

I have a few comments. First, to Steph- not everyone drinks just to get tipsy. A tiny gla__s of wine is very soothing to me and I just like the taste. To "I am not sure"- who said those few drinks were the cause of a baby having problems? There is no way to prove that. I drink 1 or 2 gla__ses of red wine a week. I avoided during the first trimester. One thing to point out, a gla__s is 4 ounces. it is a VERY small amount. I sip it very slow and always have it during and after food. I have it when I am feeling a little stressed, if I am out to eat or at a party. It's everyone's own decision, however, my feeling is women who don't even have an occasional drink should also be avoiding medications, preservatives, caffiene etc. I feel like there are many people who have a big problem with the occasional drink but don't realize that other things can also effect a fetus.


i am not sure - November 5

to jill...well that is what you do then...i NEVER said that it was right or wrong...i just pointed out what i have read in the past...and FYI...i am one to avoid ALL of those things during my pregnancy, so i guess that you cant say anything to me about it, i used to drink iced tea, and now i drink green tea to avoid the caffiene. i know that this isnt the end of the world to make sacrafices for 9 months out of my life. YOU and everyone else are more than welcome to do whatever YOU want to do, and i expressed that in my post, so there is no need for you to come down on me in your post. LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY THAT YOU WANT, and i will do the same, i am not bashing anyone for drinking or smoking or doing drugs for that matter, I DONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR CHILD, ONLY MINE. have a good day!


to I am not sure - November 5

That last sentence is nicely put! I agree completely.


:) Smile - November 5

Do we have to use the FYI all the time people? It is annoying to read really.


Jill - November 5

To: I am not sure... Calm down lady, I was not bashing your decision!!! I said in my post that it is everyone's own decision. I am happy to hear that you feel the same. The part of my post directed towards you was simply that there is no proof that a few drinks caused a baby to have problems, it could be a numer of reasons or it could be genetic. I am annoyed with the people who bash those of us who have a drink now and then. It's not their business. I especially cannot stand it when people bash me for drinking when they eat fast food 5 times a week and drink caffiene. You are obviously not one of those people, you sound like you avoid anything that could harm the baby. Kudos to you, I could never be that "good". I eat well, exercise, take my prenatals, avoid caffiene and any medications as much as possible. A small gla__s of wine now and then is my one vice, if you can call it that.


Little Lulu - November 5

I feel ya Jill! I gla__s of wine is very relaxing every now and then and from what I have heard it is supposed to actually be good to the baby too, because it helps relax it as well! If you are in the first trimester of course you don't want to drink anything, but I am in the third trimester and my baby is fully developed, and the doctors say he is healthy and looks perfect. I do not feel having a little wine is endangering him in any way, of course if I did I would not do it! But I know there are people that will feel differently, but that is okay because I don't agree with everything they do I am sure.



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