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B - November 16

This is not a question involving alcohol, so please, no nutty activists!!! I love the taste of wine, like merlot, bold deep and sour. I've tried the non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice which tastes nothing like wine and I hate anything with bubbles. Is there a non-alcoholic wine out there in the world that actually tastes like real red wine without the bubbles and without the alcohol. I'll pay anything and even have it flown in if I have to. There must be something!!!


to B - November 16

Hi, I too love red wine. I buy the non-alcoholic wine from Safeway. It is down the isle with the fake beer and the Grenadine, Lime Cordial etc. I can't remember the name, but it actually doesn't taste too bad. It is not bubbly! I also enjoy the Odoul's non alcoholic amber beer now and again. Good luck in finding it and enjoy!


Cathy - November 16

There are a couple of wines out there that taste like real wine and not grape juice. There's Inglenook Cabernet and a brand called Ariel which makes fabulous alcohol free wine. They can be found on the Internet. Cheers!


Jill - November 16

Most grocery stores carry it, Inglenook and Sutter Home are easiest to find. Personally I did not like it, even though I love wine. I know you said you don't like bubbly,but to others: I found that Inglenook's St. Regis Reserve Champagne tastes pretty close to champagne. It can be hard to find though. Remember these are alcohol removed. I know the champagne I like has HALF a percent. It's not a big deal, the entire bottle would be like drinking half a beer. But just so you know. Certainly one or two gla__ses is nothing, but the whole bottle at once may be considered too much for women who want to completely avoid drinking. Another drink I like is cranberry juice, club soda, and a lime.


B - November 16

I'm in Canada. I've never seen the Inglenook Caberbet. But I've heard that it's better than their other varieties. I just don't know if I'd find it here.



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