Winter Maternity Coats Where Can I Buy

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Leann - November 29

Does anyone have any idea where I can find a farely inexpensive winter maternity coat? I have looked at Gap maternity and can't really find one I like or spend that much money on. My fleece jacket is no longer lasting me in this cold Ohio weather!


kiddolebel - November 29

Old navy has a pea coat for 78. I would just buy a coat in a bigger size, might be cheaper that way. Good luck.


~m~ - November 29 has some cute jackets, coats, sweaters, and hoodies. Nothing there is expensive.


~m~ - November 29

I was just sitting here thinking, and in my area there are a few second hand stores that carry maternity. And many times, it is in good condition since it hasn't been worn that much. So that's just an idea if you want to find a cheaper route than buying brand new. Just a thought. :o)


Tess - November 29

I recently bought a new jacket at TJMaxx here in MN.......Today it started snowing again. Old Navy would be my last bet where you can find something that is really cheap and affordable for a maternity coat...Try Marshalls or something too. Get something in a bigger size. Hope that helps.


to tess - November 29

old navy would be your LAST bet for cheap and affordable???? good grief, have you seen their stuff. it's all cheap!!!! your bein kinda snotty about some good advice. to leann - i agree with the first 2 posts---- i bought most of my stuff at oldnavy off the internet.


Jennilee - November 29

Leann: I bought a coat at Old Navy's website that was around $45. I was very pleased with it. I also bought stuff from Motherhood Maternity. Both places are pretty affordable.


Karen - November 29

EBAY!!! When I looked on ebay for myself I found a brand new Old Navy maternity coat, that was super-duper cute - and with the price of the coat, AND shipping and handling - it was still under five bucks.


Stephanie - November 29

Thyme Maternity is good too, although they can be a bit pricy. Good sales though.


Brandi - November 29

Burlington Coat Factory has alot of reasonably priced coats, Old Navy is pretty good too, but to get a maternity coat you may have to order online, atleast the store in my town doesn't carry there maternity line


K - November 29

I got mine from a wholesaler on Ebay. The coat was brand new with tags on it; was the same coat I had tried on at Gap maternity, and I got it even with shipping for $40 cheaper than they were selling it at the gap.


to leann - November 29

motherhood has some cute ones too...try there maybe...i am not sure of prices, but i really like motherhoods clothes in general. good luck to you...i fortunatly dont have to worry about coats this year, but next year i will be coat crazy lol! good luck once again...


Annette - November 29

Leann, I bought a winter jacket at Old Navy (the down filling, faux-fur collar one) and it was the best purchase I could ever make. I live in NY and the thing already paid for itself.


L - November 29

I never even knew they made mat winter clothes in coats.


Jen - November 30

Annette, I got the same coat! I love it! It's the only maternity item I've liked at Old Navy. I find their sizing really strange. I love Motherhood and The Bay.


Jill - November 30

You will all hate me. I got a wool Gap maternity coat at the outlet. Since my husband works for the company, I got 30% off the already low price. Final price: $17. ON is great, and I'd definetly look at secondhand stores.


val - November 30

Annette and Jen, I got the same coat from Old Navy! They didn't have my size in our store here in town and were out of smalls on the internet, so the old navy across the state is shipping it to me, and I get the in store sale price. I tried a medium on in the store and it's so soft and warm, and the faux fur is removeable if you don't like that look...I got the coat including shipping for only 47$ and it should be here in 2 days! I love Old Navy's maternity, the majority of my maternity clothes are from there. They are the only place that carries XS in pants...I have some shirts and a zip up sweater from Motherhood but they don't make a lot of crew neck shirts and I don't like v-neck, and also they only go down to small in pants which is huge on me. Anyway Leann I would check Old, their sales are great.



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