Wishing You All The Best Lovely

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Karen - April 12

Today is Lovely's big day and my taughts are with her. Lovely I wish you all the best and please know that I are here for you, not phyically but in my heart and mind. Nuff love Karen


rose - April 12

i have also been thinking about lovely since early this morning....i have been praying for you and your baby...please let us know what happened today...


Leahp - April 12

Lovely is in my prayers as well!!! Stay positive!!! I'm so glad to see all the support you're getting it's the most wonderful thing in the world!


Lovely - April 12

Well, ladies, If there was anything wrong with my preciuos bundle, I think there have been so many prayers and well wishes, that it has been counter-acted! My tests were done without ALL the proper information. The original U/S results were not included, thus making me appear to be far more pregnant than I actually am. HA!!!! That time difference meant ALL the difference in the world! My test results have been declared null and void. I was tested too early!!! My baby is just fine!!!! Little sneak was hiding the genitals on me, nut it seems so unimportant, knowing that he/she is fine anyway!!! WHEW!!! I have been holding my breath for a week! I'm sooooo tired, it's amazing! These stupid tests! I will devote my life to educating women that these tests are stupid, pointless and stress causing! Thank you, THANK YOU for all of you who have given me unbelievable support through this! I would never have guessed it could come from a casual forum. You really are my friends! When I win the lottery, I'm going to visit each and every one of you, and offer a big hug, and a day at the spa, of course! Thank you! So much!


Liz - April 12

Lovely- I have been reading your posts and want to wish you much congratulations! I am sure life has been stressful for you lately, to say the least.Take much care!!!!


toes - April 12

Lovely, congratulations on the results. My wife has a dr. appt today because of the size of the baby, she saw the doc on friday and they rushed her to get an ultrasound yesterday so it'd be available for her appt today. The tech said everythign looks good, the baby's at just under 35 weeks and 6 pds, 11 oz give or tak 13 oz. Again, glad to hear yer baby's well and good. btw, can I get a gameboy SP instead of the dayspa? :)


Rachel* - April 12

Lovely, I am soooo happy to hear your news! I have decided *not to* take the AFP blood test. Partly because of your story and the stories of others on this site and also because I feel in my gut that it is stress inducing, not reliable, and not important (since I would not terminate the pregnancy). Thanks for sharing your story with us, it has helped me make an important decision :)


Foxy - April 12

Congratulations Lovely! I guess you can start planning that baby shower now! :-)


Karen - April 12

Oh lovely I soooo happy for you, I feel as if it was me. My doc said I dont have to and because of your story I will certainly not at this point. i will trust that my ultrasounds. Congrats and I am happy that you can be rest a sured all is well. Much Love


Lovely - April 12

Toes LOL!!!! sure baby, you can have what ever you want! i'm on cloud 100 (9 was too small for my a__s) lalalalalalala Doo wop, doobie doo. I've been singing since I had my nap. I feel I'm on top of the world! Can you FEEL my joy? If the earth shakes, thats me doing a dance in my kitchen!! I'm so happy, it's like I just found out I'm pregnant! lalalalalalalalala (sing it with me!) lalalala... I can't HEAR YOU! LALALALALALALALALA (even if the lil sucker kept it's legs closed so I couldn't see if it was a boy or girl! HA! ) Suddenly, I truly understand the meaning of "I don't care if it's a boy or girl, so long as it's healthy!" AMEN! LALALALALALALA .... and for the record, if my gut wrenching story has helped anyone in the slightes bit, I'm glad! Those tests SUCK!!!! Never mind drugs, when it comes to those MSAFP tests... JUST SAY NO!!!!!..... lalalalalalalalala doobie doo lalalalaaa!


Milissa - April 13

I'm glad your rollar coaster is OVER" enjoy now!!!lots of love milissa



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