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lilmama - May 14

I personally dont believe most of the old wives tales that I have heard, but I get a kick out of heraring some of the stupid things people actually believe. Like if you lift your arms over your head you will strangle the baby! Ha! Anyone wanna share stupid things people tell them? Just thought some of us may need a laugh. I know I could sure use one right now!!


Maddie - May 14

Speaking of...you MUST go to this website...SO cool. http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/oldwivestales/


Maddie - May 14

It's a fun quiz to tell you what gender your baby will be....(Mine was right on target)


Good one - May 14

If the mother's age at conception and the year of conception are both even or both odd, the baby is a girl. If one is even and one is odd, the baby is a boy.


Lissi - May 14

I just did that quiz. It gave me an 80% chance of having a girl, which is interesting as I already know it's a girl. Could there be something in these tales? ;)


Maleficent - May 15

there was a little old lady at the pool who scolded me for swimming while pregnant. apperantly i was drowning my baby. lol. i was there for my pregnancy water aerobics cla__s.


Anna - May 15

In Ecuador, where I live, you aren't to wear high heels or you will strangle the baby. Also, you shouldn't let a cold breeze go across your back while b___stfeeding because it will dry up your milk. Oh, and many people here save the placenta and whip it up in the blender with fruit juice. It's supposed to make you strong and able to recover from childbirth.


* - May 15

Good one what u said does not match me, I was 26 and yr was 04 so therefore I shuld be having a girl but am not it's a boy. I just did that test too and it said girl again hmmm?!?!?!


lilmama - May 15

drowning the baby, Ha, what do they think the baby is breathing right now? Why on earth would you want to eat your placenta? Yuck!! I guess thats what animals do though. To each their own!


lilmama - May 15

the test said 100% girl, and I am having twin boys. Couldnt be more wrong!


manda - July 12

if this is true well the sonogram i just had was false cause well ... i had my arms over my head to put a bathing suit on a few days ago .. blah


Jbear - July 13

I had a nurse tell me during my first pregnancy that if I didn't drink lots of water my daughter wouldn't like to drink water after she was born. (She doesn't like tap water, but our water tastes like c___p here) A few weeks ago when I was still working, we had a full moon and thunderstorms. I had a customer tell me not to go outside until the thunderstorm stopped or I'd go into labor. My boss did the wedding ring test and told all of our customers I was having a boy...I just had an ultrasound and this baby is a girl.


Jbear - July 13

Oh, a joke...What do OB/GYN's do all day? Spread old wives' tails.



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