Women S One A Day Vitamins Vs Prenatal

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Key - October 27

Hi ladies. I've been taking Women's One-A-Day vitamins for a while now. I conceived and am now 10 weeks pregnant and still taking only these vitamins, plus a calcium supplement. I told my doctor that was what I was taking for vitamins and he said that is fine. Everyone else I have talked to though thinks it is weird that I am not on prenatal vitamins. Does anybody know the difference?


=) - October 27

As long as you are getting enough Folic Acid you should be OK.


~Smiles~ - October 27

Doctor knows best!


val - October 27

If your dr. said it's fine then I'd go by what she said. My dr. did tell me to get on a prenatal vitamin as soon as I went off the pill, but different drs have different recommendations. The women's one a day probably have a good amount of folic acid in them. Prenatal vitamins just have more of some things and less of some things than regular vitamins, is how my dr explained it.


Becky - October 27

My doctor's nurse said the same thing....that I could just continue taking my regular vitamins. I brought them into her so she could see the %'s, and she said they were fine. I felt weird, too, but I have a hard enough time taking pills that I'm really glad I didn't have to switch to something larger. My chiropractor advised me to stop taking additional folic acid after the 1st trimester, because too much after that point has been linked to cervical (?) cancer. Proven or not, she said that since after that point the neural tube is fully developed, taking extra isn't doing the baby any good. So you ladies out there may want to ask your own dr. about that.


HH - October 28

I have read that regular vitamins have too much vitamin A for the baby. I would look it up.


Jordan - October 28

Hi. Pregnant women and b___st-feeding mommies need different combos of vitamins and minerals, esp. folic acid. I would double-check with a pharmacist, as they know more about that than docs. :)


HH - October 28

I agree with Jordan. Pharmacists know more about it!



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