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Theresa - October 30

In August I had s_x with a friend it didnt last that long maybe all of 5 minutes cause he suddenly stopped. According to a pregnancy calender I am 11 weeks pregnant. The thing of it is is that I don't even know if I'm pregnant. Although this isn't my first pregnancy it isn't like the last one. I still get my period tho irregular, my br___ts are kind of sore but not really, but my stomach feels really big and I feel fluttering around inside. The fluttering isn't all the time but it happens. I can't take a test cause all the stores in my neighborhood are too close to home and I have no insureance for a doctor. Anyways, I just would like some answers or input anyone may have...Thanx


jodie - October 30

if the stores are to close to home you should be able to go and get a test.


Mellissa - October 30

Find out if there is a planned parenting or teen crisis centre and go there to get tested since the obvious reason you don't want to go the store is fear of being caught buying the test. You could also try getting your "friend" to buy you a test. Without a blood test or home test, NO ONE can say for sure if you're pregnant, regardless of symptoms.


Theresa - October 31

Thanx Mellissa..Can I go to a teen crisis center if I'm not a teen? Probably sounds like a dumb ? to u all but I don't know. Yes fear of being caught is the reason I cannot buy the test cause it may get back to my mom and altho I am an adult I don't wish to hear her lectures on another unplanned pregnancy. Well anyways thanx again for yur thoughts.


angel_one - November 1

y if you are not a teen, do you have a problem with going to a local store for a test?


Shelley - November 1

Well angel_one did it ever occur to you that maybe she doesn't want her entire neighborhood knowing and it getting back to her family? You don't have to be a teen to have everyone down your back about messing up. Clearly you haven't read her entire reasoning for this. I know how it feels to be afraid of things getting back to my parents as they have always been in my business. I understand how u feel T. Perhaps a friend or the "friend" you slept with can help you. Hope everything goes well.



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