Wondering About Looks Of Baby

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anon - February 17

I'm only 19 weeks pregnant but I can't help trying to imagine what my baby's going to look like i.e. hair colour, eye colour etc. Is anyone else wondering this? I can find out the s_x of my baby next week but I can't decide whether to or not?!


Leahp - February 17

Oh, I've been doing the same thing!! My husband is a handsome dark italian and I'm olive complected as well, so we know that we'll have a darling little olive baby!! But you just never know what genes will do, we both have brown eyes, but all kinds of colors run in my side of the family so I'm curious about that as well!! It's fun to picture! Well your at 19 weeks, I'm only at 10!! If you think you can hold the suspense back it would be fun to just wait until the baby is born, but I think I'm going to have to find out!!


Hayley - February 17

Hi Leah I can imagine you'll have a gorgeous little baby, I'd love to have your skin tone. I'm very pale though and have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes. My boyfriend is also pale but has dark brown hair and eyes. It's funny wondering whether our baby will be a combination of us both or look more like one of us. I think I'm going to find out the s_x, it's more practical and I can't wait another 20 weeks!


Maleficent - February 17

it's fun to wonder! with my first i was hoping he would have his dad's hair, and my eyes. he had the exact opposite and i STILL think he's the most beautiful boy in the world. with our second i figured she'd look like her brother, wrong again! she's blonde with blue eyes. this time, hell, the kid could be a red head for all we know. our kids don't look alike at all. :0)


Leahp - February 17

Hi hayley, I think those little babies with red hair and pale skin are just adorable! But it's funny you say that your bf has dark hair, I always imagine those little newborns with a head full of dark hair, the same could happen with me since my hubby has black hair! I do wonder too, if it will look like both of us or either one, it's so funny to see parents and their kids and some of them can look exactly like one of the parents! My husband and I sit there and jokingly bicker about what we want the baby to have from each of us! My husband has a pretty nice nose for an italian, but if the baby gets anything remotely close to what else runs in his family it could get scary!! Ha! Good Luck to all of you!!


~m~ - February 17

It is fun to wonder. I have average Caucasian skin, not dark complected, but not super pale either, light hair and blue eyes. My hubby is sortof dark complected and tans super easy, brown eyes and dark hair. Our oldest has super blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Our youngest has brown hair and the prettiest dark brown eyes you can imagine! It's strange how it works. As for eye color, 2 browns can have a blue. But 2 blues can not have a brown....... or that's what my college Biology professor said in cla__s one time. You just never know. On Maury, there was this African American couple on there because the husband was demanding a paternity test because the baby was white, with light eyes and kindof a reddish tone to what little hair he had. Hubby was fairly dark, and the wife was a little lighter, but still very obviously of African-American descent. You could also tell there was a lighter skin race in her blood line. Anyway, the baby turned out to be his. I didn't believe it either. That baby looked so white! So you never know. But like you said, it's fun to imagine! And no matter what you picture, when the baby gets here, he/she will be so much more beautiful than you could've imagined! :o)


Leahp - February 17

I agree with that ~m~!!! I know what ever the little bundle of joy looks like, It'll be uncomparable to what ever I have imagined!!


PYT26 - February 17

When i was pregnant, i thought my daughter will be a mixture of me and dad's skin complexion ( i am chocolate color & hubby is a bit darker than me ), thought she'd be black like ebony, turned out she's way lighter than both of us, she looks mixed race.( same for my son, but slightly darker ).Both yellowish/brown/coffee color, beautiful skin complexions ( im jealous now LOL ).And both gorgeous kids ! MInd u i was adopted and i don't know anything about my roots, but i look quater cast myself !


Interesting.... - February 17

My son looks like my husband's Dad- interesting how it can skip generations like that. My husband doesn't look much like his Dad!!


Sm - February 17

I am in my 15th wk..... and when i lay next to my Fiance i think about that even more.... I cant wait to see him or her.!!!!


Paula - February 18

It's killing me!!! And good luck with the s_x thing. My little munchkin is camara shy. Four ultrasounds and they still weren't able to tell!! Bad baby!! lol. I do wonder all the time about what Peanut(relax-just a nic) will look like. I have green eyes, dads are blue. Fair hair on the fathers side, my hair is brown. My mothers side is blonde but black hair on my dads side! Holy mixed batch. lol. The only thing fairly for sure is the fairness of the skin. Both families are European - I'm Finnish-English and papa is Polish-German. Four weeks of wondering to go... Good luck!! :)


~m~ - February 18

To PYT26, I can only imagine how beautiful your kids must be. Mix skin is some of the prettiest skin ever!!! Such beautiful people!! Halle Berry, Derek Jeter, Vanessa Williams, and all the other beautiful mix people!


Heavenly - February 18

I can't wait to see my little girl!!! i am now 25 weeks! She looks to have long legs like her Daddy. I am almost positive that she will have a full head of black hair like him too. My husband is hispanic so I know she will have a nice skin tone and big brown eyes like we both have. I agree with the comment about the mix thing. They are some of the most gorgeous babies.


Paula - February 18

All my neices and my nephew are bi-racial. My oldest sisters two girls are both half native. One has dark hair, eyes and skin. Beautiful. Her sister has blonde hair, green eyes and dark skin. Again, beautiful. My other sisters kids are half Filipino and just stunning too. Hope my baby doesn't look like a frog or something lol.


PYT26 - February 20

~m~, aww thanks for the compliment. They are really two true treasures, and i'm not only saying it because i'm the proud mom, but they are ! ( when i gave birth to my girl, my midwife was showing her off to all of her colleagues and in the ward,proudly as if she was the mom .LOL )


Jenn - February 20

I too sit and ponder this quite often. I have dark brown eyes with dark brown hair. My husband has beautiful blues with dirty blonde. I know my baby has a 50/50 chance with blue or brown eyes. Because I must have a blue gene in me from my mom (no one in her large family had anything but blues). My husband definately has pa__sed a blue trait (in his family nothing but blues as well). So it all depends if I pa__s a blue our baby will have blue eyes. If I pa__s brown our baby will have brown, as it is dominant. The suspense is too much. I also wonder if his hair will be curly or straight. Tall or short. But the eyes that's what really gets me. I will love him no matter what. I just can't wait to see his precious little face. Hey.... and the waiting doesn't stop at the end of our 40 weeks....we won't know their real eye color for another couple of months after birth.


Kara - March 2

I am 20 weeks pregnant and just found out we are going to have a girl! We weren't going to find out the s_x, but the temptation was just too high! Now we know that it was the right decision because we got to buy all the nursery stuff in pink. I know exactly how you are feeling! I can't wait until I get to see her little face! Good luck and I am sure no matter what he/ she looks like he/ she will be beautiful!!



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