Wondering About Looks Of Baby

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Kara - March 2

I am 20 weeks pregnant and just found out we are going to have a girl! We weren't going to find out the s_x, but the temptation was just too high! Now we know that it was the right decision because we got to buy all the nursery stuff in pink. I know exactly how you are feeling! I can't wait until I get to see her little face! Good luck and I am sure no matter what he/ she looks like he/ she will be beautiful!!


Billie - March 2

I saw my sons face today with the 3-D u/s. He has my nose and my husbands lips. I suggest you get a 3-D u/s done if you really want to know.


Missy - March 2

How much did that cost? Those aren't typically covered by insurance, and I hear they are really incredible to look at. Did you do it at your doctor's office or did you have to go somewhere else?


Billie - March 2

It cost us $145.00. I know that's expensive but we got about 50 pictures of him. Most of them were the regular black and white and about 10 of them were the color 3-D pictues. We also got the scan on a DVD so we can watch it later. And we got a CD so we could send the pictues to our relatives out of state. While they were doing it, he started sucking on his toes!!! It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!!


momof3 - March 2

Have you ladies seen 3D & 4D ultrasounds. They are really cool. I seen pictures on another forum.


momof3 - March 2

oops sorry to late some one else posted that already :)


EAS - March 2

I came from 2 white parents my dad pale and blonde. My mom darker and brown eyes but not real dark. I was born with very dark skin and an afro. By the time I was 3 months old I had lost all my hair and my skin was super pale, blonde hair grew. It is weird to look at my pictures. Now I have dark brown hair and medium skin. I am hoping my baby at least doesn't totally change. People thought my mom had a whole different baby that she was watching.


Missy - March 2

Bille - How far along are you? Did you get it done at a lab of some sort. I would like to look into something like that for when I am further along (I am only 9.5 weeks right now). Let us know, thanks!!


Maggie - March 2

In a bioloogy cla__s I recently took, we learned that 90% of babies resemble their fathers when they are first born. Some people think it is because the mother's are all ready have a bond with the baby because they carried it for nine months. The father, on the other hand, uses the similarity in appearance as a means for having a deeper connection with the baby. Also, women know that the baby is theirs-unfortunately, not all men are confident that the baby is their own offspring. The apperance is supposed to convince the man that the baby is his own. By six months, most babies are split. 50% look like their mom and 50% look like their dad. Thought some of you moms out their might be interested.


momof3 - March 2

Maggie that is really cool!


Maggie - March 2

momof3, I thought it was pretty interesting too...I am not pregnant but I am always wondering what my future children will look like.


P - March 2

Could everyone say a prayer that Peanut gets my nose and his a__s? lol ;)


Michaela - March 2

I'am 21 weeks pregnant as of today.And, I keep having bizarre dreams of what my baby looks like.It's a boy btw!I can't wait to see what he looks like.Just remember your baby will look perfect to you no matter what!


amy - March 8



jkibanez - March 10

I'm a father and can't wait. I have no idea what it will look like, but if it's anything like my wife, it will be absolutely beautiful -- 10 wks


Billie - March 10

I got the u/s done when I was 27 weeks. Some of the pictures came out really good. I didn't have it done in my doctor's office. I had it done in a place that only does that. Also it's not a diagnostic test so if anything was wrong with your baby, they couldn't tell you. If you do one, they ask you to wait until after the diagnostic u/s and to bring a doctor's note. All the trouble is worth it though!!!!!



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