Wondering Thoughts About Morning Sickness

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THOUGHTS - October 10

When do you start to feel the " morning sickness" on average? For me, i have been eating allot, using the restroom alot, and back achs and head achs but havent experienced any form of " morning sickness". I am around 6 weeks preg.


Rachel.R - October 10

I had the same question... and for me... the answer never came... I didnt get ANY morning sickness at all.. Iv been told I was lucky.. but in most cases people generally start to get morning sickness about where you are now.. and generally it starts to ease off around 12 weeks... Im not really one to answer this question... but i have read ALOT of posts and im going on what other people have told me about it.. so you may be lucky, and you may avoid the dreaded morning sickness.. hopefully :)


Anne - October 10

Mine didn't hit until about 8 weeks. And then it hit hard. it finally went away around 18 weeks.


Em - October 10

I never got it...I am now 21 weeks..


thoughts - October 10

Oh alright, so i see that allot of girls actually do not get any form of sick ness. What is it caused from by the wy? By your body just adapting to your pregnancy?


Helly - October 11

I have two girls and in the past 2 years have had two miscarriages. I now think I am pregnant again but am scared to take a test. The thing that is worrying me is that I have a few symptoms, i.e. tender b___sts and backache but no morning sickness. With my first two pregnancies, I was sick from week 4-5 to about week 15! The two babies I lost I didn't get any sickness at all - hence the worrying. I have a Drs appointment on Thurs so hopefully, we will know whats happening. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


sandra - October 11

i was sick from around week 6-8 right through every day and night til the birth. That was five years ago, now I want another baby and trying desperately. Funny how you forgot how ill you were lol.


Helly - October 11

Its an awful feeling - I had mine all day and all night as well but having lost two, I really wish that this time I had the sickness - then I'd know that everything was ok and that the hormone levels were up!!


Helly - October 20

You know that sickness I was wishing for, it arrived at 7.5 weeks - oh my God - its awful!!!!


sandra - October 20

i found eating an apple or drinking tomato juice helped my sickness


soleil - October 20

I got mine right away, at 5 weeks........ I hated it! it was horrible.



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