Wondering What S Going On With My Body

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awaiting - June 8

Hi. I am new here and have been reading for a few days and see that there are some women that have gone through what I'm going through... or close to it. Anyway, I am in my mid 30's. I do not have children. I do not keep track of anything other than I know my cycles are 28-30 days. Only been a little bit late a couple of times in my life but have never experienced what I am now. My last period was in April. Start date approx 4/20. I have not had a period since. For the past 2 1/2 weeks I had been cramping and having spotting. I never knew what spotting was like for sure, until now, as I had never experienced it before. Only when I wipe and not every single time. It's been pink, pale pink . At first I started off with a pad expecting AF but quickly realized she wasn't coming so I switch to pany liners. All but one has been pretty much a waste. Only once has it gotten on the liner and just a tiny, extremely tiny bit. Like I mentioned, it only there when I wipe and sometimes a little more after a bowel movement. Sometimes when I wipe there is nothing there at all. Cramping stopped 2 days ago but still have the occasional spotting. I have tender br___t, and extremely sore nipples. Tender br___t are common for me every month though. My areola have tiny red bumbs on them making them look like they have the measles or something! Not much info on this happening, no one seems to talk much about it and I've not heard yet of anyone saying they are red, like pimples. And this has never happened to me. I've been very tired. Only felt a little sick a couple of times and it's always in the late afternoon... when extreme fatigue sets in. Eyes rolling and can hardly keep them open, which is bad when trying to work. My stomache is bloated, even above the belly button, and I'm "more aware" of my belly being bloated in my jeans than normally I would. My belt I am having to put on the very last notch and that is too tight! I have gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom which is unusual for me as I am a very hard sleeper. Extreme moodiness and more so on the angry side... for no reason. Very irritable. My husband has even accused me of not communicating lately (I guess other than being mean). Which is extremely strange for him to say since he's not one that likes to sit around and "talk". I took an hpt 2 weeks ago and it was neg. Took another one a little over a week ago, and it too was neg. I do not have darkening of the nipples, I have not thrown up, hpt's so far neg, so I'm just really confused. I am not on the pill, nor have I been recently. So it's not a "coming off the pill" problem. I had an US probably close to 6-8 months ago for unrelated reasons. I had problems that no one could diagnose so my family doctor ordered one to be done just to rule out everything possible, since they were pretty much at a loss as to what was wrong with me. Everything was fine, normal uterus, etc on the US. Even had a US on other organs, everything fine. Had scopes done and finally found the problem, have a hernia in my esophagus. Said all that to say that nothing out of order showed on the US as far as reproductive organs so should be no problems there. Sorry for the long post. Would really like some thoughts on this. Has anyone else been pregnant, not shown on an hpt and had light spotting of pink and then found out later you were in fact pregnant? I know everyone's body is different, but I also know when things start happening to a woman's body, she has to talk about it to others to compare, and/or to get peace of mind. Was not trying to get pregnant, wasn't charting, so this isn't a case of "I'm talking my body into the symptoms". However pregnancy would be most welcomed and such a blessing. Any thoughts, anyone else going through this or have in the past? If you got this far, I thank you for taking time to read. I really appreciate it.


kmorris1 - June 8

As you are now almost 3 weeks late for your period I would try testing again with first morning urine. If still negative, go to your doctor and ask them to do blood tests. Hope everything turns out how you want it to. Kate.


awaiting - June 8

Thanks for your time/response Kate.


San_dee - June 8

First of all, what kind of pregnancy tests did you use? because some preg tests are more sensative than others, its known for woman who are pregnant not to produce enough Hcg hormone to be detectable on a test, but failing that your symptoms sounds so much similar to what this pregnancy for me started out like i would go get a blood test done at the doctor. Another possibility could be that you ovulated late so you may not get your period/positive till later, or stress and diet changes can also effect this. Like Kmorris1 said take another test using first morning urine and you get no answers from that make an appt at your doctor. Hope this helps a little :)


awaiting - June 9

Thanks for your response. Both test were Equate brand. My cramps did come back, too. Come off and on. Nothing bad. Now the blood has turned more red. Still only spotting though, at least at this moment. Maybe it will turn into an actual period soon, I don't know. I do know this... my hormones are most definitely in an uproar for some reason. Maybe just a fluke thing? I'll see what happens over the next couple of days and if there are no changes, I'll try another test. It's just frustrating you know... to be "normal" and then so "abnormal" (and for no known reason). The spotting is just irritating and really has me curious, since it's never happened to me before. And why am I spotting for so long? Uggghhh!!!! As far as going to the dr. I'm giving it a few more days to see what happens. I don't have insurance at the moment so I can't just rush in there like I normally would have. Thanks again.



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