Working In A Vet Clinic When Pregnant

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Wanna be preggie! - May 5

Hubby and I are ttc and currently waiting for AF (was due on Monday no sign yet). I work in vet clinic where I have to do a lot of heavy lifting. How safe would it be working there? I have to do a lot of cleaning, bending down and dealing with chemicals. I know I wouldn't be able to deal with x-rays but does anyone know any other things I should be careful with?


NickieDo - May 6

I hope you work for a better Vet that I did. The vet was paying for my insurance (since september) on 3-10 found out i was preggo, told him 3-15, first appt 3-17, well he confronted me on 3-22 saying he couldn't pay for my ins anymore (was gonna cost me over $300/mo PLUS $1500 co-pay and expenses ins wouldn't cover, when I only made $600-700/mo) Well come to find out he TERMINATED my insurance the DAY i told him i was preg...and he had fired a girl about a year before me simply b/c she was preggo. Talk about a $%^&#% up situation.... so I quit on the 22nd and got on tenn care...the bills alone were gonna eat us alive if I had stayed. BUT as far as the work x-ray, anesth is ok if ur using isoflourane, The office manager put me on the front desk when i told her, she didn't want me exerting myself and risk losing the baby. I really miss the job...but the vet i worked for was total trash!


Steff - May 6

Stay clear of cat poop.


leslie - May 6

Wanna be preggie! I know this has nothing to do with your question, sorry but if you can answer I wanted to ask if there is sometihng wrong with my yorkie licking her little paws all the time..and then she like rolls her head on the sofa,bed, pillows, etc..I thought it was because she wanted affection but now I am not sure? Do you happen to know why? (sorry, I know this has nothing to do with this thread..I am worried) maybe I should take her to the vet?


Karen - May 6

To wanna be preggie. Stay clear of cat litter. It can be toxic and harm your baby. to NickieDo that is disrimation and there are laws that protect you. I think it is under the disabilty law (Pregnant women are defined as temoray disable for the reason of law) . You show look it up and seek a Pro Bono Lawyer for advise. Many give free advise and will only collect fees if you case is won. You might even be able to get legal aid. Dont make the a__s get away with it again.



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