Working Mommies To Be

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alverran - May 4

Hello Ladies This is not really a question, but just advice on how to maintain a more "balanced" life with working/being pregnant/going to school. I am currently at 25 weeks and work from 9 - 11 hours a day (I'm in the military). It was not so bad until recently. I "try" to exercise at least three times a week, but cannot seem to muster the energy at the end of the day to do so. I am completely wiped out! Today after work, I came home and slept for 2 hours and am still tired. Do any of you have the same issues/problems? How do you maintain the "balanced" life or muster the energy to keep going at night? I appreciate any thoughts. Thank you.


Krista - May 4

I dont think theres really anything we can do. My doctor told me that when I get tired...I need to rest. Pregnant women are supposed to be more tired than usual and we are supposed to sleep more than usual...infact we NEED more rest and sleep. One of my books said that the work and stress your body is going through while your pregnant is as if you are rock climbing...when your LAYING DOWN. So I'd say, it's good to "try" to work out...but only do it if you feel like your body has the energy. =)


Been There - May 4

Most days I'm just plain tired when I get home. I just go with what my body tells me to do and look forward to the day when I'll have energy again. You're body is working overtime, so you need to get extra rest. Some days I have a little more energy than others.


Erynn21 - May 4

You have to remember you are building another human, and that takes a toll on your body, when I feel tired I need to sit my b___t down and rest. You're getting really close to 3rd tri and my dc. has told me tiredness comes back in full effect because of the general strain on your body. I had a friend tell me pretty much the same thing as Krista, it's like you're on a strenuous hike 24/7, for me working out is not an option. I do just a little something too much and need to sit down, and there's no way I could go all night. Plus I'm enjoying my sleeping, because soon I'll have a baby who demands my attention 24/7 and I need to get my rest now.


alverran - May 5

Krista, Been There and Erynn21 Thank you very much.... It's been tough, my supervisor has not been the greatest person to understand the situation and keeps loading up the work, I think I'm just a bit overwheled and will talk to her about it.



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