Worried Please Answer Honestly

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Worried - February 28

I am worried about the chances of my girlfriend being pregnant. Here are the facts...we are both virgins, we've never had intercourse. One night, she m____eed me, but no semen got on her hands, only on mine. Much later that evening, after I'd cleaned myself up (wiped all the semen off with tissue), I began to finger her (for several seconds) before we both looked at each other, scared, remembering earlier. I washed my hands then, but I'm worried of the chances she could be pregnant. At that time, she had her period. At that time she was on birth control, but she's been known to forget to take her pill. Please alleviate my worrying if you can, but be honest. Thank you so much.


SugarPie - February 28

Wait.. she's on the pill, you wiped your hands (don't know how much s____n could be left on your hands) and she had her period? Honey, if she were preggers she could be the Virgin Mary reincarnated. I guess it could happen, but the heavens would really need to conspire to make that a possibility. Stop the fretting and relax. The chances are extremely slim, Babe. Be well****


2 Worried - February 28

I don't think you have anything to worry about. If you didn't actually have intercourse then the chances are very slim that she is pregnant. I know this is going to sound radundant but if you are truely worried about getting her pregnant then you should wait to experience s_xual contact period until you are ready. Just to be safe ya know. Usually a woman ovulates 14 days before her cycle and 14 days after....but everyone is different. Just be careful if you two do end up doing anything for real.......use a condom even though she is on the pill just to cover your b___t. Good luck and keep us posted.


To Sugarpie - February 28



r - February 28

what does LMAO mean?


to r - February 28

laugh my a__s off


<Amy> - February 28

Pls don't tell me u fingered her while she was on her period :S


to Amy - February 28

YUCKY!!!!!! lol



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