Worried About A Fall

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mj - October 30

I tripped and fell while I was running today--I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I caught myself on my knee and elbow on the sidewalk and took quite a tumble, ultimately landing on my side. It doesn't seem as though I have any real injuries, but I'm worried about the baby. Would I know if there was something wrong? What are the warning signs I should be looking for? Should I call the doctor and have it checked out?


Lisa - October 30

I fell when I was 12 weeks and I scared myself so much thinking I hurt my baby that I threw up from my nerves. The baby was fine, but I went running to my doctors scared as hell. He gave my an ultrasound and checked for rupture but everything was great. The baby is pretty well protected in there with the fluid, placenta and our body. You would know if there was something wrong as you would feel pain; cramps; and you would probably bleed. You can go and get it checked out anyway for your own piece of mind, I did. Everyone told me I was fine but I needed to hear it from someone with a PHD; it is after all my baby. :)


Emy - October 30

I feel while doing step aerobics really hard and was so scared I had hurt the baby. But I called the doc who a__sured me that she is so well protected in there with the fluid that most babies can even survive car accidents! So, she did not have me come it, but for piece of mind told me to watch for cramping and bleeding (I didn't have either). Baby was totally fine.


jb - October 30

You should be fine. The babies are very well protected. Definitely call your doctor if you have any cramping or bleeding, but I really think your baby will be okay. I was in a car accident at 12 weeks and the baby was fine.


mj - October 30

thanks for all of your responses. they were very rea__suring. i haven't had any cramping or bleeding, so i'm sure everything is fine (except for the raspberries on my elbows and knees!)


jw - October 30

your baby is very protected, especially now with all of the amniotic fluid (since it's still fairly small) around it. if you still feel uneasy, you have every right to ask your doctor for an ultrasound if that's a possibility for you/your insurance, etc. good luck!



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