Worried About A Knock

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Mickem - November 6

I am 29 weeks pregnant and so far everything has been going well, however, I was recently knocked in the stomach by a brass door handle as I was going from one room to another. I felt a sharp pain and although it seemed to pass, when I touch that same spot it feels like a bruise even though there is no bruising - I don't seem to be feeling as much movement as I previously did and am worried and yet I feel a bit silly going to the hospital as it may be nothing - has anyone experienced anything similar?


kellie - November 6

believe it or not yes i did I have a Now 18 Month old daughter and when i was about 26 weeks along with the baby i am currently due with now I was laying in bed and she free fell on my stomach it caused some major pain....it took me two days to say anything to my husband about the pain i had been having ever since she did that to me and once i did he took me to the hospital after he called the doctor and they monitored the babys movement...in my case she caused me to go into pre term labor but they got it stopped i had been contracting for those two days and really did not even relize it because they where so sparatic the babys movement had decreased and everything it was painful but i just thought i was sore from what she had done...i would say it is better to have it checked out instead of waiting till your next appt granted i am sure that you are not in labor but if the babys movement has changed any since your got hit in the stomach then you need to make sure He/she is alright Good luck to you let us know what you find out


ray - November 6

don't you think it's better to be safe then sorry plus think of it like this you tell them you have had a knock you will have to have another scan so in one day you will be able to find out if baby is ok and also you get to see him/she on the u/s so i would go love ray xxx


KM - November 6

I have sort of a similar question.. there is this one spot on my stomach..where if you touch it it feels like i am poking a bruise, but there is no bruising. Also it does the same thing if it touches the edge of the table or anything when I am sitting down. Should I be concerned, and does anyone know what might cause this?


KM - November 6

It also feels the same when the baby moves around that area..if he/she touches that spot it hurts like a bruise.


claire - November 7

the other day i fell coming out the bath and banged my stomach off the sink, i went straight to the docs, they didnt send me for a scan unfortunately, i had the same pain but no bruise, she said because your stomach is more tender thats why the pains there and everything turned out ok. if you are worried go see someone as it will put your mind at ease and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.



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