Worried About Baby Having Disability

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Hannah - May 23

Don't want to sound negative by asking this question but if your baby is going to be born with a disability is this decided on conception i.e. when egg fuses with sperm or can it occur at any point throughout pregnancy i.e. when the baby is developing? I think I'm too pessimistic and can't help worrying that my extreme stress and anxiety, which I've had throughout my pregancy (and before) might cause my baby to have some form of disability. I have tried to get help for these but I am a naturally anxious person. Can anyone shed any light on this?


Karen - May 23

I think that it is natural to worry about these things. Every parent wants a perfect child. Sometimes gentics determine these things and sometimes it can be meds a mother is taking. I find that what works best for me is to pray. Whenever I start to worry I pray. Take good care of yourself while your pregnant. Try to think positive and everything will be fine. God bless you and yours.


stephanie - May 23

I am in the same boat as you are Hannah....I often worry that my child will be born with some type of disability. I worry about everything anyway. I get on peoples nerves i worry so much...even before pregnancy. Genetic Defects are determined at birth and others are caused by environmental factors. It's very rare that something like that happen so try to just concentrate on a healthy pregnancy. How far along are you? Do you know what you are having yet?


Nonk - May 23

I understand how you feel. Because I am a very anxious person too, and there are times when I am stressing out thinking about my baby, eventhough my dr said everything was fine, and all the tests I ve done showed that everything is perfect.I also get paranoid after I ate or did something, so afraid it might hurt the baby. It's probably natural to worry about these things just as Karen said, but don't let the worry control your life. I just pray whenever I feel worry, don't forget to take your prenatal and stay away from drugs, alcohol and cigarette. I pray that our baby will be healthy and beautiful.


Hannah - May 24

Thank you ladies, I really appreciate your advice. I know we all must think the same things and like you all said, it's natural to worry about things like this. I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for the last three years and unfortunately they have continued throughout my pregnancy, which is perhaps why I'm so concerned. I'm sure that they can't cause any disability in my baby and that is determined by genetic factors but I just can't help wondering. I am 32 weeks along so i guess I don't have too long to wait. Thank you again for your thoughts and I hope that all your pregnancies are going smoothly!



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