Worried About Eating Junk Food

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Lisa - April 25

Hi all, I'm 28 weeks and I keep saying I must make a conscious effort to improve my eating habits. I seem to be eating a lot of carbohydrates and sugary foods such as crisps and chocolate and pizza's etc. I constantly feel like snacking though - as soon as I get in to work in the morning I'll have a bag of crisps. Does anyone know whether all this snack food will have an effect on my baby? To what extent does the food we eat matter to the development of the baby? I know I need to eat more fruit and vege etc. but has anyone else gone through their pregnancy eating a lot of unnecessary junk food and had perfectly healthy babies?


Maddie - April 25

I am currently battling just like you girl... Listen, our baby inside needs certain vitamins, when you don't supply baby with the vitamins, baby doesn't develope well. BUT WE HAVE THE VITAMINS....by taking your prenatals everyday our baby is getting all the vitamins needed. You can eat your share of junk food, just make room for veggies, salad, meat, and dairy. A bad effect of not eating healthy in preg. is also retaining water. By eating a lot of canned veggies (which I was doing before) you are getting SO much salt. My doc jst told me (at 32 wks.) to have NOTHING OUT OF A CAN from here on out. So I went out and bought frozen brocoli, corn, spinach, etc. It really is better for you.


sfhuidhfo - April 25

Your baby will take everything it needs from you and no extra (unless you have gestational diabetes, then you have to be very careful what you eat). As Maddie said, so long as you are getting all your daily vitamin requirements then your baby will be fine. It's you that'll put on the extra weight, not your baby. It's hard not to snack when you have to work and the baby is making you tired and hungry isn't it? I've had the same problem myself. Need chocolate 24 hours a day!



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