Worried About Group B Strep

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K - April 29

I've been hearing a lot of scary stories about women who've lost their babies because they were unaware that they were infected with Group B Strep. I'm so scared that it will happen to me! I live in the UK and unbelievably, they don't test for it here! Has anyone experienced this? Are there any symptoms at all I can watch out for?


Mari - April 30

Hey, im in the US and when I was i think around 36 weeks, they tested me and it came out positive for group strep B,, i had no symptoms at all, i didnt know anything was wrong, all they did was that when i went into labor they put this IV thing on me, and it was suppose to kill off that bacteria for me and the baby and my baby came out good and healthy,,,,,, if htey dont test u for that, maybe u can ask to be tested, later in ur pregnancy??


Jessy - May 1

Hey that's awful!! Tell them you want the test!! If you're really concerned, then don't rest until they give it!!


almost there... - May 2

there are no symptoms, its supposedly quite a normal bacteria to carry (about 25% of women do), but if the baby is exposed to it while going thru the birth ca___l it can cause all sorts of problems. i was tested for it 3 weeks ago and i'm positive, so i have to go directly to the hospital when i'm in labor. just request the test. its a self administered swab. if your ob wont do it, find someone who will :o)


nhb - May 2

I had it w/ my last pregnancy--I'm in the US, so I was tested, and just had antibiotics while in the hospital. I'd definitely request the test, and like almost there... said, if they won't, find someone who will.


Leslie - May 2

I am 16 wks and recenlty been told by my dr that I have StrepB. He has put me on antibiotics and told me not to worry. It is very common with women who have other children. I will also have antibiotics administered via IV during labor just in case. Hope this helps!


TX Girrrl - May 2

The hospital should treat you for it when you go in to deliver if you test positive.


k - May 2

I'm in the UK as well and I asked midwife at 28 wk appointment. She said because of cost they don't offer the test unless you ask for it. If you enquire they will test you at 36wks. Hope this helps!


K - May 2

Thanks K! I didn't know that they would do it if requested. That's really good to know. I will ask my midwife about it next time I see her.



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