Worried About My Hbcg Levels And An Eptoic

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claird1690 - December 2

hi i just found out i was pregnant last wednesay as i went to the doctor as i was experienceing belly pain like i was having a period but no blood my back was also sore so were my nipples. i told the doctor i had s_x on the 24/11/07and that the pain started 2/3 days after. i also told the doctor that i have polycystic overaies so i got sent for a scan at my local hospital they said they seen a sac so i then got sent across to the bigger hospital for another scan. they did it and found nothing so they ran a blood test to which i got the results that day and it came back over 1000 so they then wanted to do another set of test in 48hrs got that done it came back slightly higher. should i be worried as they dont seem to be telling me much im scared and confused ive had to hospital pregnecy test and a home one they all said positive. can someone shed some light on the matter for me please


mjvdec01 - December 3

It is very early to see anything on ultrasound. I wouldn't worry too much unless you are in a lot of pain. A cousin of mine had an ectopic pregnancy and was in so much pain she was vomitting and bleeding like crazy, she also had a fever. Why don't you call your doctor and ask for an explaination? It is your body and you should know what is going on.


claird1690 - December 3

hi thanks for replying i had a bleed yesterday(sunday) so i went to the midwife she took swabs urine and blood test and she sent me for a scan today and they found a sac and yolk but no fetal pole and they said the bleeding could just be an infection so i have just to wait and find out wat the results say. thanks again


mjvdec01 - December 3

I hope everything works out okay. :o}


DownbutnotOUT - December 3

HCG should double every 2-3 days if not it is a sign of a nonviable pegnancy. I wish you all the best of luck


claird1690 - December 4

is it normal not to find the fetal pole just yet this is my first pregnancy and im abit worried ive got another scan in 2 weeks time sorry about the questions


DownbutnotOUT - December 11

I heard that if your HCG levels arent over 2000 they wont see anything on a u/s. How many weeks are you? i went in to have a u/s done at 4 weeks and 5days and the tech saw nothing, no sacs, no poles, only fluid in my pelvis. Well I have a beautiful 6 month old boy but my HCG levels went from 187 to 396 in 43 hours. I wish you the best



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