Worried About My Husband

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newmember - July 29

I have a question about my husband that is concerning me. For the last couple of years he has had some digestive issues and it only has recently begun bothering me because we are new parents and it is an added frustration. He oftentimes complains of lower back aches with frequent and urgent need to urinate. Sometimes he pees every ten minutes and other times he feels the need to go, but hardly anything comes out. Other times he is completely fine and normal. He has had blood tests and urine tests and they have all come back normal with the exception of one saying he had, "thick urine." He has what appears to be spasms in his stomach that he describes as painless but he is convinced it is a tumor! Sometimes he has trouble getting to sleep either because of his need to use the restroom or his stress over this issue. He is a really caring man but I fear that most of this is in his head. He is convinced sometimes he has cancer! He has been seeing a therapist for a year and she is convinced he suffers from anxiety. I wish I could help him, but I find myself getting frustrated. These issues he has really comes and goes. Like when our baby was not sleeping through the night, he was fine. As soon as our baby's routine got established, his symptoms returned. I just could use some advice.


doc - July 29

He should go get tested at a doctor. It could be anxiety but what if it is not. That should help convince him of a clean bill of health. Sometimes, that is all people with anxiety need.Sorry that he has to to go through this.


Jbear - July 29

The peeing problems can be caused by an enlarged prostate or a UTI. But if they've gone on for a couple of years and he's been checked with no problems found, maybe you should suggest he try some herbal remedies: saw palmetto for prostate health, cranberry juice for urinary tract health, ginseng or st john's wort for anxiety, and melatonin for sleep problems (although melatonin causes strange dreams for some people). It seems like if he had a physical problem, the doctors would have found it. Since they didn't find anything, you're probably right that he's imagining problems. The herbal remedies would help him feel like he's doing something to help his health, and that might help him quit imagining problems. I'm a little bit of a hypochondriac myself, and it helps me to feel like I'm doing something. Oh, the stomach spasms could be gas pains. You can buy gas medicine that works really well.



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