Worried About Possible Pregnancy

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Anon - May 13

In January i met someone, he was the most fantastic guy ever but i ended things i just felt so scared of getting in to another relationship just to get hurt all over again. Now i think i could be pregnant. Now i am pretty sure that my LMP was on the 14th of April. I usally get my period every 23 days. Anyway i was due on round about the 6th of May. Now its the 13th of may. Im never usually late either. When would be the best time for me to test. Im hoping that i get my period, im not with this guy any more. I am still kind of in touch with him, he rings me up saying ive made a mistake and that he wants to be with me and says he is in love with me. But if im pregnant, what do i do? Im just so confused right now my heads a mess.


kelley32 - May 13

Why would you end a relationship with 'the most fantastic guy ever' just because of being afraid of getting hurt? Would you rather go through life alone and never experience the wonderful feeling that love brings to your heart? You are possibly missing out on your soul-mate, have you thought about that? Regardless if you pregnant or not, if you feel the same way about this guy, go running to him ... don't miss out on one of life's greatest gifts just because you're scared ... getting hurt is a part of life, and ever time you get hurt is a learning experience that makes you a stronger person. Life is full of risks, don't sit on the sidelines where it's safe because you'll miss out on too much. I hope that everything works out for you and wish you the best that life has to offer ... and by the way ... you could do a pregnancy test now beacause you've missed your period. Please let me know what happens, I would love to hear about it. XXOO


Anon - May 14

Thankyou for the advice. I know im being stupid about this guy i have had it from all directions including my mum. I will test as soon as i get one and keep you informed. As for the guy, im going to get him <3


kelley32 - May 14

I'm happy to hear ... a good guy is hard to find these days :-) ... and I can't wait to hear all about it!!!


Anon - May 15

Kelly32. UPDATE I have my guy back. I contacted him and told him how much i love him and miss him. He was over the moon and thought he would never see me again. Im so pleased i have him back and i cant wait to see him again. As for this am i pregnant am i not i still havent tested. Last night i thought i was going to get my period as i noticed some brown spotting, then i noticed a lil bit of pink too. So i thought well obviously getting my cycle. So i put on a pad and went to bed. Then this morning i woke up and noticed just a lil more brown spots, no red blood no pink. Whats all this about any advice?


kelley32 - May 15

I am so happy to hear that you went and got him, I wish you both many years of happiness together ... just remember that even if it doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world, consider it another chapter in your life and move on. As for the spotting, could be implantation bleeding, but that usually only happens 7-10 days or so after the egg is fertilized, and it is usually a pinkish color. Stress can also throw off your menstrual cycle, so maybe you should wait another few days and if you haven't gotten your period by then, perhaps you should buy a pregnancy test. Let me know what you decide to do ...


Anon - May 16

This morning i have been up siince 1am because i have just been feeling really sick. Couldnt sleep at all. Hopefully i am going to try and gett o the shops today and get a couple of tests. I will do one today then depending on the result and wether or not i get my period i will do one in about a week. Today i have no spotting at all. When and if i test today Kelly i will let you know the result.


kelley32 - May 16

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well ... I forgot to ask ... do you want to be pregnant? I will be checking in to see your results. XXOO


Anon - May 16

As for wanting to be pregnant, i was worried about doing it alone but now i have him back things i think will be different, i have taken the test and it is posotive. I am pregnant. Now to let him know i guess. However i know he is away for a few days so i want to wait till i can tell him in person. Wish me luck :P


kelley32 - May 16

I am really happy for you, you know, I got pregnant after dating my husband for only 2 months, and we have now been together for almost 5 years, and I am now pg with our second child ... sometimes the best things in life are unplanned :-) Good luck in telling him, I'm sure that he will be overjoyed!!


Ddvinson3 - May 17

Aw....I just read the post! And that's awesome you got him back and you are pregnant! How cool! I just hope he is happy with everything! Let us know how he takes the news! GOOD LUCK!!!!!


Anon - May 21

I told him abuot the pregnancy and he is over the moon about it. Still in shock but he has really taken to the idea. Also he told his mother yesterday. Well she just thinks im trying to trap him. How? I finished it with him then got back with him why would i want to trap him? This is getting of to a good start. She cant understand that she has never even met me and now im pregnant. Looks like im going to have to meet her, and after saying i was trying to trap him, well its not going to go down well. His little sister also knows about this too and he is telling his dad today when he calls him as his dad works away and isnt home again till august. By then ill be about 4 nearly 5 months. I havent even told my mum yet just my eldest sister. I think ill tell my mum when she gets back from Spain.



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