Worried About Stress Anxiety

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Maria - April 11

I am a very anxious person and have suffered with anxiety/panic attacks for the last three years. I am 26 weeks and have been worried throughout my pregnancy about how my stress will affect the baby. Most articles on the internet say when a mother is stressed it is passed on to the baby and can cause conditions such as autism. I have tried my best to control my anxiety but it's like a constant fight with my mind and I am finding it so hard to relax. Can anyone shed any light on this? Have any of you had perfectly healthy babies who have suffered from extreme stress and anxiety throughout pregnancy? Would appreciate any info/advice. Thanks


lily - April 19

Hi, im 22 and im 10 weeks pregnat i suffer from really bad panic attacks and horrible anxiety i dont now much about the autism i found out with u and to be honest it got me a little scare, i know talking to eachother will help i'm looking foward to get therapy for this beacause is reallly driving me crazy if u want to write me back u can do it to [email protected] Thanks


hayley - April 19

lily - I also get really bad panic attacks and I know what you mean - it does feel like you're going to die. It's such an awful feeling and I can't control control it when it comes on, I just get worse and worse and end up struggling to breathe. I've had cognitive counselling for it, which didn't really help. I think I need to look into relaxation/meditation techniques. My midwife told me that babies are very resilient and if I have a panic attack it is more than likely just me who is affected. If you want to email me my email is [email protected] I'm a similar age so it might help to chat about it. Good luck!


Alicia - April 19

I have never had a panic attack, but I do have anxiety. I am not pregnant yet and I have been wanting to get my worry and stess under control before I am pregnant. I am taking a yoga cla__s and the breathing, control and relaxation techniques have helped me soooo much. When I get into a stressful situation or just feel stressed out in general I just think of how I feel in yoga cla__s. Try it! Good luck!


. - April 19




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