Worried Just Need Somebodies Imput

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saydie - April 27

i am 21 weeks pregnant. i just found out today that my boyfriend of a year and a half has herpes (gential). i have been tested 2 times since i have been with him. both have been negative. but i am really worried that i am going to get it now and give it to my baby. can anybody give me some advise?


Maddie - April 27

Yikes! Did you ask your doc why you tested negative since you've been with him for so long? Has he just gotten herpes or did he have it for the year and a half that you've been together? ANyway...your baby doesn't have to get herpes, especially since you haven't tested pos. I think women that have full b__wn herpes can still develop babies with minimal sign, given the adaquate meds.


................ - April 27

I have it and i have been a__sured everything is fine with baby. I think they prefer performing c-sections if you have an active outbreak when you go into labor so the fetus is not infected while pa__sing through the birth ca___l. Also, you are more likely to pa__s this along to your fetus if you have a 1st time outbreak during your pregnancy, so talk to your doc about starting a suppressive therapy like Valtrex. Don't trip on your man for having this virus. Many couples enjoy great relationships that include a healthy s_x life without infecting one another. There are precautions ya'll can take. Look into it. I would question where he got this though if its something new...hmmm. GL


nicole - April 28

EXACT same situation here, only mine is the hpv(genital warts). been tested three times in our almost 2 yr relationship all negative. then one day i go in for a regular checkup and she randomly wants to do an internal and pap exam and she says i have warts in and out. but ive been with him almost 2 yrs, and ive asked all the people ive slept with before him(all with condoms) and theyve all been tested since me and have come back negaative. so hes probly had it awhile without knowing bc hes never been tested, hes always relied on the people hes slept with results as whether he has anything or not. but yea, exact same scenario just a different thing and further along. but she told me its perfectly fine to give birth naturally and that its not somethingthey give c-sections for.


sandy - April 28

i don't have any experience about a vd. i am just hoping that you will get retested and don't have unprotected s_x with you b/f. you don't need to expose yourself or your baby to it. plus you don't need the ha__sle of worring throughout your pregnancy. you have enough to worry about.



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